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GNC-2009-06-02 #482 Some more Contest Announcements!

June and July are going to be months you will want to follow the show as I announce some new contest for June and what we have planned for July. You have to listen to win. With my Internet connection being flaky tonight no line show recording but I recorded it locally will post later.

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Show Topic Notes:
AP Announces Plan to Curb Misuse of Content
Cable DVR should stay Legal.
Texas Blogger Jailed after Refusing Judge request.
HP to get Tough on Ink Fakes
ISS has 6 man Crew!
What’s the deal with Real ID?
Windows 7 Lifts App Limit
Vudu goes the way of Embeddable Platform
First Gen HP Media Server to get Update
Will Nascar suffer from GM Bankruptcy
Laser makes bulbs more bright!
Band fights back over Pirate Bay Conviction!
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Time Magazine to charge for online?
AOL Spinoff means Dead Pool?
Storage to last 1 Billion Years
Supreme Court Nominee friend of RIAA
Ultimate Lock Picker
Twitter your Away and get Robbed.
IE Usage Graph past year.
Power Strip that is spy device!
Belkin Tune Base is Nice
Verizon Selling iPhone could increase iPhones sold by 100%
MIB show up on un-marked cut Fiber?
Doc Searls reviews court ruling as win for Consumers.
Apollo through Astronauts eyes.
National Geographic blows me away! Massive Tornado on Blue Sky
RIAA it’s not about the Money?
Nielsen underestimates BitTorrent adoption.

Total travesty of Justice for Julie Amero

Have you ever been surfing the net and hit a website that tries to launch a swarm of pop up ads. I am sure many of you have had this happen especially when using Internet Explorer 6.0 without any utilities to stop such action. Imagine being a teacher and having that happen during a class where students are exposed to pornographic images.

Well this happened to a teacher named Julie Amero in 2004, she was fired almost immediately and then prosecuted and tried shortly after that on a variety of charges stemming from the pop up swarm.

We all know that schools rarely have the latest technology and I doubt that they had software installed to prevent the actions that occurred. But what is a travesty is how it all turned out you are going to just shake your head. www.alternet.org

GNC-2007-01-05 #230

This is the prelude show to the Consumer Electronics show and I am beyond excited to be heading to Las Vegas tonight. Show coverage starts Saturday evening. Juicy Tech Tidbits tonight as well.

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Show Topics (Non Exclusive)
Need your Opinions on a Company called VideoSmith listen to show
Goddard Vehicle
Apple Lawsuit
RIAA Pricing
IE Unsafe
Real Browser Story
Linked In
Movie Downloads
USB Drink Cooler
32gb SSD
Earthlink CEO RIP
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GNC-2006-11-10 #215

Shout Out to all Veterans, Thank You for your service! I have a great show tonight and I get up on my soap box a couple of times. Lots of great show feedback from my family of listeners. Make sure you check out whats hot at Blubrry.com

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Show Notes:
End of the Road
Take Data and Run!
Blog Pimpin
Gmail Features
Google Smack Down!
Apple Fires Little Twit
Mac Standard with Windows!
VOIP 33 Reasons
Useful Macbook Freeware
Circuit City Black Friday
Linksys New Router
PS3 Super Fans!
Skype 3.0
Open Media
Startups On the Cheap
Microsoft Zune Review
IE Zero Day Attack
ISP’s need to be help Liable
Internet Predator
First Photos from Space!

Music Track from Bruce Shimabukuro & the BS Band “Icognito” track is Miserlou you can purchase this Album online at [www.hawaiianmusicstore.com] Played with Permission

1 in 67 Websites contain IE security exploit

Asa Dotzer points to a pretty interesting study, now I am not one to buy into these types of studies on face value, but the sheer number of sites they found with exploits has made me begin to wonder why can’t their be a way to get these sites shut down. If there is a way to detect the sites that are intruding then we need a way to take those sites down. The number of sites going after Firefox is on the rise also. [Asa Dotzer]

World coming back to work and a huge Windows Security Issue

This broke last week but many have been away from their computers due to the holidays. Seems all of the news organizations reporting staff is finally catching up with what most of us have known since last week. The Windows flaw can cause a fully patched PC to be hacked by a malicious site putting malicious code in a image. Firefox users are more protected than IE users but not completely. Here is a link to another temporary fix, this is a unofficial patch and the associated story. [Patch] [ft.com]