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Groupon Are Great

Groupon LogoGroupon often comes in for criticism when suppliers who use the site fail to deliver on the advertised product or service. You can argue the merits of whether they should be liable or not, but actions speak louder than words and for me, Groupon have done the right thing.

Back in December of last year, I bought a Nexus 10 via an offer on Groupon UK for around GB£250. It arrived promptly and worked fine until a problem developed with the flash on the camera in late April. I contacted the supplier and after supplying photos of the problem, they agreed to repair the tablet in “six to eight weeks”. The tablet was sent to the supplier in mid-May so I was expecting the Nexus 10 back by end of July at the latest.

Four months later at the end of September, I was still waiting for the tablet to be repaired and returned. As the supplier couldn’t give my anything definite, I contacted Groupon via their website and after a few days of correspondence to confirm my side of the story, Groupon refunded my money. That’s how you do customer service.

Thank you very much, Groupon.

(And yes, I’ve ordered a Nexus 9 with the refund.)

Groupon Adds Some Personalization

Groupon has been the hottest tech company of the past year, even reportedly turning down an offer of $6 billion from Google.  They have approximately 35 million users, and I count myself among them.  If you are also among them and receive a daily deals email then you may have received a message about the new personalization options.  And, if you didn’t then you will soon.

When you click on the email’s link you will be taken to a quick 3 question “personalized deals” forum.  The forum prompts users to fill in their gender, zip code, and birth date.


The zip code seems a strange option since Groupon already has this information and uses it for the daily deals email.  As for using gender and age to target my deals I am not sold on how it will work.  After all, I am also looking for deals on things for my wife and kids.  Will Groupon recognize that my demographic may be married with children?  I guess that in the coming days I will find out since I filled out the “personalized deals” forum.  Wish me luck…