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Tablet Stands Made from Decommissioned Railroad Steel

Rail Slice tablet stand and Rail artifact standGriffin Technology has teamed up with Rail Yard Studios to create some very unique tablet stands. These one-of-a-kind stands are made from decommissioned railroad steel. This could be the perfect gift for the train aficionado in your life.

Rail Yard Studios makes custom furniture from historic century-old railroad steel and hardwood timbers. Now, they are using their skill to turn railroad steel into stands for both mini and full sized tablets. The stands are fashioned from reclaimed rail stock that was installed on the original Louisville and Nashville Railroad between 1906 and 1908. Each stand can hold a tablet in both landscape and portrait orientation.

The Rail Slice Tablet Stand is made from a piece of decommissioned rail. It has a milled cavity that can accommodate a charging cable and allow the tablet’s speakers to project sound without obstruction. The Rail Artifact Stand is made from two antique railroad spikes with a tie plate that was used to hold the railroad together. Each style can be purchased for $129.99.

The forged steel may scratch the finishes of tablets, and the use of a case is recommended. To help with that, every Rail Yard Studios stand that is purchased from Griffin’s website will be accompanied with a complimentary Griffin tablet case of the buyer’s choice.

Griffin Technology Introduces the PowerMate Bluetooth and the Merchant Square Case

Griffin Technology showed off two items at CES 2014. The PowerMate Bluetooth and the Merchant Square Case .

The PowerMate Bluetooth is a programmable device which connects to your Mac through Bluetooth. It can be programmed to control various applications. You can use it to control volume, scrub through video, play and stop music and much more. You can program up to six different functions or key commands. It will be available sometime this summer for $59.99.

Merchant Square Case

The Merchant Square Case is a joint effort with Square. It is a case made specifically to work with the Square Card Reader. When in use the Square Card Reader fits snugly into the case. This prevents Square Card reader from moving when you go to swipe a card. It also has a grove to guide the card into the reader. Once you are done using the reader, you can store it in the back of the case, so you never lose it. The Merchant Square Case is available now for $19.99.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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Griffin Debuts PowerMate Bluetooth at CES

PowerMate BluetoothGriffin Technology will unveil a new, wireless, version of its PowerMate at CES 2014. The device has been described as “a clickable knob”.

You can program it to execute a wide range of key commands in nearly every application. It can also function as a volume knob and mute button for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Mac computers.

PowerMate is preset to work with iMovie and Garageband “right out of the box”. It can also be customized for uses outside of multimedia. Spin PowerMate like a wheel, and it will quickly move through large multimedia files, spreadsheets, and word processor documents. You can also click it like you would a mouse and use it to select text or preform commands.

The design is simplistic, yet eye catching at the same time. It is made of brushed aluminum and has a blue, glowing, base. Users have the ability to control the behavior of the pulsing LED light that is in the base of PowerMate. It has a futuristic look that enabled it to do a “cameo” in the 2013 movie Pacific Rim.

PowerMate for Bluetooth will be available in Summer of 2014 at a price of $59.99. You can check out the newly updated, wireless, PowerMate at CES 2014. It will be on display at LLVC, North Hall, Booth #5306.

Griffin Technology Shows the new Kiosk Retail and AirStrap Retail at CES 2013


Griffin Technology is offering a line of iPad kiosks for point-of-sale solutions. The Kiosk Retail which starts at $299 has a built-in magnetic card reader with TDES encryption and DUKPT key management for security. It works with either iPad 2 or iPad third-generation inside an impact resistant housing. It is built so the cables can be routed through the center of the steel armature for a clean look. Griffin Technology is partnering with both the ShopKeepPOS and POSiOS. The Kiosk Retail hardware is being integrated into both Shopkeeper and the POSiOS and the solution will be offered to merchants starting in February.

The Kiosk Retail works great in a store or restaurant through its integration with ShopKeeper or POSiOS, but what if you work on the road, Griffin Technology has an answer for that also with the AirStrap Retail. The AirStrap Retail case protects the iPad. The built-in strap makes holding the iPad with one hand easy and secure. This frees the other hand to manipulate the touchscreen or swipe cards. The Air Strap Retail for iPad comes with support for MagTek’s iDynamo credit card reader installed. Air Strapped Retail will be available in January 2013. If you want to view these are and other Griffin products and you are at CES 2013 they will be on display at LV CC in the North Hall at booth 5212.

Griffin Technology Expands Their Audio Lineup at CES 2013

Griffin Technology will be showing off some great products at CES 2013. The first is the StudioConnect with Lightning . This is an all-in-one audio interface for music creation and is now compatible with iPad 4 and the iPad mini. You can plug-in a musical instrument like a guitar into the 3.5 mm jack and listen to it through a pair of headphones. The headphones have their own volume control. You can also connect a MIDI controller through the five pin Din Midi import connector. There is also a MIDI out which allows the iPad or iPhone to act as a MIDI controller. It will accept a sequencer, patch and other MIDI gear. There is also a line level RCA output so you can connected to a stereo system and share your music with others. It will be available for $149.99 in the spring of 2013.

Griffin Technology will also be introducing the DJ Connect. The DJ Connect allows DJs to create to their music and beat mix in advance. It works with the award wining vjay and djay apps. It has its own volume control. It has detachable cables and can be use with both iOS devices using a 30 pin connector and a Mac computer with a USB port.  A DJ can  connect their headphones to the headphone port and external speakers to the RCA line level outputs. The underneath of the volume button glows giving the VJ or DJ some ambient light in a dark club or environment. The DJ Connect will be on sale in May 2013 for $99.99.

If your vocalist or podcast you may be interested in the MicConnect. The MicConnect allows you to connect an XLR microphone to an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply connect the MicConnect to the iOS headphone jack with a 3.5 mm audio cable then connected an XLR Microphone to the XLR input. Fire up GarageBand or other compatible apps and you are ready to go. The MicConnect has phantom power so it can be used with a studio microphone for high quality recording. It can also be used to record acoustic instruments. It will be available in June 2013 at $39.99.

Now that you have all this audio equipment you may want to listen to it o with a pair of stylish headphones. Griffin has that covered too with their Wood Tone Audio line of Headphones. Joining their popular Wood Tone ear buds, Griffin Technology will be introducing over the ear headphones and aux cables at CES 2013. The wooden housings are made from responsibly harvested Beech, Sapele and Walnut trees. The wood is then hand turned and polished to produce a smooth satin finish. Each headphone has its own unique color and markings. These wooden enclosures improve the acoustic quality and allows the user to listen at lower volume level while still enjoying the same caliber of sound. With the plush ear pads the over the ear headphones can be worn in comfort for an extended period time. You can detach the cable and fold the headphones flat for easy travel and storage. Both the over the ear headphones and ear buds are equipped with a built-in mic which allows the user to take calls, interact with Siri and control audio playback. The Wooden Tone Over-The-Ear Headphones with control Mics will be available in February 2013. They’d join the Wooden Tone ear buds with control Mics that are currently available through Griffin at $29.99.

If you want to see more of the Griffin Technology products then come to LVCC North Hall, Both 5212.