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HP Wins FBI IT Contract

Today HP put out a press release that was dated January 6 (perhaps they didn’t want it to be overshadowed by CES news).  The news they wanted to convey was that HP has been selected as one of the prime contractors to provide information technology solutions to the FBI and other U.S. Department of Justice agencies under the FBI Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (FBI IT Triple S) contract.

This doesn’t mean that HP will supply all of the infrastructure, but it “will be able to compete for task orders under the $30 billion FBI IT Triple S multiple-award Basic Ordering Agreement contract.”  The contact is for one year, but carries a further seven year option.  During that time HP will be able to offer technology solutions in such areas as operations and maintenance, technical development, consulting, hardware and software and other related IT services

HP has been in this field for a number years, building, integrating, securing and operating for US government agencies.

This is good news for HP and it should provide a lucrative deal that will help to keep them profitable for some time to come.  The FBI, which has been rumored to be technologically lagging for some time now, will certainly benefit from a company that has been a leader in this field for a long time.  There was no word of any other tech companies who may also be sharing in this new deal.