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Using Friendfeed for Reading Feeds

The feed reader you use is a very personal decision, I prefer Feedly which is a Firefox add on. I like its interface and how it works. However it does have one weakness and that is it can only be used on Firefox and Flock. This meant I needed to find a new solution for my Iphone. My solution is Friendfeed. This is how I did it.

The first thing I did was divide my feeds into categories, tech, social media, food etc.. I took those categories and created a Yahoo Pipe for each of them. I published all of them so you can find them at Yahoo Pipes.   I then created a group for each of them in Friendfeed.

These are the steps on how I created the groups. First go to your Friendfeed account. If you don’t have one, then sign up at Friendfeed.com, even if you don’t use it for this purpose you will find Friendfeed worth joining. Once you are on your account, go to the right hand side column and under groups go down to the bottom and click on Browse/Edit Groups. On the next screen click on Create a Group.  Name your group, which will also create the URL for the group automatically. At this point you can choose whether you want your group to be public or private. Then click on create feed, this will bring you to a page with a title of your group and nothing else. On that page click on edit setting. A small screen will pop up and you can add a description to your feed. Then click on Import feed, which will bring to a page to add services, go down to Custom RSS/Atom and click on it, in the blank you want to insert the URL for your Yahoo Pipe for that category. You can then decide if you want to import the feeds with a entry description as comment, or just the feed. You can also import them as texts only with no links. Once you finish your page will look something like this, you then can add a picture if you want or  share the Group with other people.  You can now read your feeds on any platform, where you can access Friendfeed.   For images of the step you can go to my Friendfeed Folder I created on Screencast.com

by Qumana