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Deeper Smart Fishfinder at CES

Deeper Fishfinder One of the challenges of sport fishing is knowing where the fish are and it’s not much fun fishing when there are no fish. The Deeper fishfinder can help with this problem: Todd and Marlo cast their lines with Casey McKnight, President and COO of Deeper USA.

The Deeper fishfinder is spherical device, roughly the size of a tennis ball. Dropped into the water on the end of a line, the Deeper scans the water beneath it with two sonar cones, transmitting signals back to a nearby smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The Deeper app (for both iOS and Android) shows the location of fish (or other objects) below the water.

Popular with fisherman, the Deeper is finding favour with search and rescue teams too, as the device can be used to identify suspicious objects and prioritise recovery options.

The Deeper fish finder is on sale now with a recommended price of US$229, though you may find it cheaper than this.

Todd Cochrane is the host of the twice-weekly Geek News Central Podcast at GeekNewsCentral.com and Marlo Anderson rounds up the latest technology news at The Tech Ranch.

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Deeper: a Device for the Fisherman in Your Life


My grandfather was a great fisherman. He owned a cabin near a lake and fished the lake each summer for probably over 50 years. He knew the best spots to find fish and would always come back with a catch. Most of us aren’t that lucky, we go fishing maybe once a summer and many times it’s at a lake or stream we aren’t familiar with. This can make fishing frustrating if you don’t know the right spots. You can sit in a boat all day or along the bank and catch nothing. Worse is when you catch nothing and your friend whose fishing around the bend from you catches enough to fill a basket.

This is the problem that Deeper is trying to solve.  Deeper is a small round device which pairs with an app on your iOs or Android device and helps you find where the fish are hiding. It works in fresh or salt water anywhere around the world. You attach it to the end of a fishing line and throw it out to where you want to fish. The device will then turn on immediately and start sending information back to the app. Deeper uses sonar which emits waves that bounce off objects and then back. Deeper measures the water temperature, how deep it is and most importantly where the fish are. It can search depths up to 120 Ft. It is both shock and water resistance. The information is then transmitted up to 150 feet to the mobile app through Bluetooth. The mobile app not only shows the information it gets from Deeper, but also, weather, a calendar and the stages of the moon. You can also take pictures of the fish you just caught and share them with Twitter or Facebook without ever leaving the app. It works on iOs 4.0 and higher and Android 2.2 and above.


At this point Deeper is not yet available for sell. They are trying to raise money through contributors. They hope to raise $49,000 by the end of Thursday, July 12. At this point they have raised $15,984. They need to raise this money to pay for both Bluetooth and product certification, injection molding tools and the first production run. The retail price for the device and app will be $199.00, however if you contribute to the project now, you can get it for $149.00 plus $20.00 for shipping and handling. If you are or know of a fisherman or women I think they would really like this device. The company is raising money through a site called indiegogo

An Unusual Fish Finder

CIMG1748 I was out running on the levee this morning and a small fishing boat zoomed by with a man and a small  dog. I watched as the dog ran to the front of the boat, started barking and then turning in circles. The man immediately stopped the boat and dropped his fishing line into the water. The dog was still barking and watching the water. A minute later the man pulled out one fish and then another. This went on for a few minutes and then the man and dog took off for another site unknown.

So what does this have to do with tech? It just goes to show that some times the best solution is not always the latest high tech gadget, and can be something as simple as man’s best friend.

73’s, Tom