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Fibaro Doubles Up With HomeKit at CES 2018

Fibaro are one of the bigger names in smart homes with a wide range of products from simple light switches to complex controllers. Originally based around Z-wave, their accessories now work with Apple HomeKit, and integrate with other systems like Philips Hue. Allante and Rich take a quick spin through some of Fibaro’s new products.

First up is a smart power plug with a USB charging port and a coloured LED which changes colour according to the amount of power being drawn through the socket. Although the colour-changing is fun, the measured power can be used within a smart home to initiate other actions or send a warning. Should the iron have been on for a hour?

Next is the big The Button which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a big red button, though it does come in seven different colour. Press it and stuff happens. What happens is configurable by the user – turn on the lights, sound an alarm, play music.

All the products are on sale now, priced between US$49 and $59.

Allante Sparks is a video producer at PLuGHiTz Live Special Events.

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Fibaro Debuted Smart Plug that Monitors Energy Uses at CES 2018

Fibaro, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices debuted a new Z-Wave smart power adaptor at CES 2018.

Wall Plug is a small outlet that gives any electrical device the ability to be controlled by popular Z-Wave smart home hubs, including Fibaro’s Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite, and also monitors power levels and energy usage.

Available in two versions, with a standard plug or standard plug with additional USB port, Wall Plug is an intelligent outlet adapter that monitors power consumption. Easy to set up, users can insert the Wall Plug into any standard outlet and push a button to connect it to a Z-Wave network.

Once a device is connected, an LED ring provides a visual cue of the device’s current power load, changing color according to the amount of power being drawn. If the device temperature increases, a purple warning light flashes.

When Wall Plug is connected to Fibaro’s Home Center Lite or Home Center 2, users can identify the devices that are using the most energy and set a maximum power limit for each connected device. If power consumption goes beyond the specified amount, the Wall Plug will automatically shut down power to that device. The system also instantly alerts users of any problems via SMS or email and can activate pre-defined scenes via any connected devices.

Unique to Wall Plug is a feature that allows users to test the Z-Wave network range indicated by a change in the LED ring’s colors. Perfect for households with young children, Wall Plug includes a soft glow setting that can be activated when used as a night light.

Users can also check the current energy consumption of other connected devices throughout the home within the configuration interface of Fibaro’s Home Center 2 or HCL controllers.

Using a computer or the Fibaro mobile app, users can see clear and detailed graphs of historical data, pie charts showing the energy drain of each connected device, and a list of the top five energy consumers in the home. Users can make changes on the fly to improve efficiency.

The Wall Plug with USB will be available in Q1 2018 for $59.00 USD, followed by a non-USB version for $49.00 USD.

Visit Fibaro at CES 2018 at Sands Smart Home Marketplace booth # 40952

Fibaro Adds Voice Control with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

Fibaro, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, is pleased to announce its vast ecosystem of smart home products now integrate with leading voice control platforms – Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and most recently the Google Assistant.

Fibaro is one of few premium smart home hub and device manufacturers to offer homeowners their choice of voice control platform in the home to control lights, blinds, security cameras, sensors, as well as many customized scenes with a simple voice command.

All three assistants allow for verbal interaction with Fibaro’s devices, and select products connected to Fibaro Home Center hubs. Users can give voice commands that turn the lights on and off, adjust a room’s temperature, check which doors and windows are currently open, or instruct the Fibaro system to simultaneously perform several similar tasks by giving a pre-defined verbal command.

Fibaro customers that use iPhone X to control their Fibaro smart home system can also disarm their Fibaro alarm system using Face ID, Apple’s face recognition feature.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice integration is available in English immediately using software version 4.130 or higher. Fibaro will continue to expand the number of voice commands available for each platform in 2018.

Also new in 2018, the Fibaro system is compatible with devices from leading AV brands including Bose, Sonos, Yamaha, Russound, iEast, Bang&Oulfsen, Musaic, Cocktail Audio, Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon and Nuvo, among others.

When integrated with the Fibaro system, the compatible multimedia devices can be programmed to automatically lower music volume after a certain time, to turn itself on along with other connected devices when watching TV, or to play lullabies in a child’s room at bed time.

Fibaro’s voice integration and smart-home device integration with the Fibaro system and its many IoT partners are on demo at CES 2018 in the Sands Smart Home Marketplace booth # 40952

Fibaro Debuts Home-Kit Compatible One-Touch Controller at CES 2018

Fibaro, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, introduced a new product to its existing HomeKit-compatible device ecosystem. The Button, an award-winning wireless, battery-powered, control device currently available with Z-Wave technology, is now available as a separate version compatible with Apple HomeKit.

The Button is the first of its kind in the HomeKit ecosystem of products that, unlike similar products and technologies, does not require a gateway hub or bridge to connect. At less than 2-inches in size, The Button is one of the smallest and handiest home control devices that can be mounted anywhere, including on the wall or tabletop in any room to easily activate a device or scene.

Recognizing up to three different actions, you can program the HomeKit-compatible Button to turn off the lights with one click, activate the AC with two clicks, or trigger a customized scene by holding it down.

It can activate scenes, synchronized actions involving several devices, such as a “goodbye scene” which closes the blinds, turns off electrical devices, and sets your lights to away mode, or a “good morning scene” which opens the blinds and turns on the lights when The Button is pressed.

The Button is also equipped with a buzz feature that provides audible confirmation of a proper click with one buzz, two buzzes, or a lengthened buzz. This feature can be turned on or off depending on user preference.

The HomeKit-compatible Button will be available in red, white, and black when it begins shipping in Q1 2018, followed by five additional colors later this year, allowing users to assign a color for each member of the family or match The Button to their décor.

Visit Fibaro at CES 2018 at the Sands Smart Home Marketplace booth #40952

Fibaro Swipe at Gadget Show Live

Fibaro Home IntelligenceThe second of my smart home interviews from Gadget Show Live comes from Fibaro and their “Home Intelligence”. Originally from Poland, Fibaro was established in 2010 and consequently has one of the longer pedigrees in home automation and smart homes. I think it would fair to say Fibaro hasn’t received the public brand recognition it deserves but remains a choice for those in the know. I chat with Arron from Fibaro who tells me about their latest products.

As with any smart home solution, Fibaro’s system is controlled by a central hub but unlike most other vendors, Fibaro offers two hubs, the Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite, which meet different needs and budgets. Fibaro continues to offer extra choice with the option to retrofit controls into existing light and power sockets, or to integrate with new services like Philips Hue. There are all the standard smart home sensors too – motion, door/window, flood and smoke. What I particularly like about the Fibaro door sensor is that it comes in seven different colours – not everyone has white door frames!

Brand new to Fibaro is Swipe, a 3D motion-detecting panel which controls the system using hand gestures. Wave up, turn the lights up. Wave down, turn the lights off. Those are the simple gestures though Swipe can interpret several more movements and combinations of gestures too. Impressively, Swipe can be hidden behind stud walls or below desks so it’s not even visible, or it can be hidden in plain view as a photo frame. Contrary to the interview, Swipe is GB£119.99.

Fibaro Swipe

Apologies for the audio – it was very noisy in that part of Gadget Show Live.