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GreenSmart Eco-Friendly Gadget Gear

GreenSmart Laptop SleeveA good bag can make travelling a pleasure and it’s important to choose the right bag for your needs. It’s even better if its a “green” bag. Andy and Courtney interview Tom Larsen from GreenSmart on their range of eco-friendy travel bags and gadget gear.

GreenSmart’s unique selling point is not just that the bags are good-looking and functional, it’s that the bags themselves are made from recycled materials, hence both the “green” and “smart”.

On show are laptop and tablet sleeves in a neoprene-like material made from recycled plastic bottles. There’s also a backpack made completely from recycled materials.

To reduce packaging waste, GreenSmart designs the retail display of the product as part of the bag itself. For example, a carry handle is used to hang the bag from the display rail while it’s on show in-store.

GreenSmart bags are on sale on-line and in select retail locations.

Interview by Andy McCaskey and Courtney Wallin of SDR News and RV News Net.

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Cyclus – A Personal Electricity Generator

Cyclus USB charger on desktSatoshi Yanagisawa is a sustainable designer based in Farnham in the south-east of England.  He’s developed “Cyclus“, a concept for a wind-up USB charger that will give around 30 minutes juice for a couple of twists.  Based on a spring and DC motor, this is simple technology in a great design and is a far more elegant solution than other solutions such solar (photovoltaic) chargers or external batteries.  In particular, the Cyclus can be easily carried with you, doesn’t need the sun, doesn’t weigh much and is infinitely re-chargeable. 

Cyclus in useCyclus Exploded View

It’s certainly not the first wind-up charger but it’s definitely the best looking – this is one design concept that I hope makes it to product.