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GNC-2010-04-26 #570 Listen to Win a Roku

Live from Central Texas, if you want to win a Roku listen to win. You can watch the Geek News Central Podcast on Boxee and Roku be sure to check us out. Find out which star was on my flight out of Honolulu and the conversation I had with him. Show streamed tonight with my Clear Wimax connection. If you want to watch a live show tune in Thursday at 8pm CST for the show.

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Show Links:
Gizmodo Editor house Raided.
Will Gizmodo test the Blogger/Reporter Standard?
YouTube IPL Stream Beats Expectations.
7 iPad Apps.
50k Android Apps whats your Favorites?
Does your Device have a Off switch?
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Lose your car often.
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Scientist get deep in RSA Encryption Hack.
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Mcafee takes a beating!
DMCA Takedown for Personal Data.
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FCC Spectrum Task Force.
Floppy Disk R.I.P.
i7 Macbook your next Stove!
Wi-Fi Sync App.
iPad Camera Adapter.
Is their iPhone versus Android?
Samsung + GoogleTV = Win!

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GNC-2009-07-17 #494 You have a Mission!

Your geek here at Geek News Central is looking for some info from the Ohana and I am sure you will come through for me. Looking for a lot of feedback on a couple of issues. Lots of great tech tonight as always that you are going to find very stimulating.

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Private Company Launches Satellites
Facebook and Canadian Privacy Laws conflict
A US Government Agency Speed Test Results SHOCKING!
iPhone 3GS Video
Action starts at 26:03 in this Video!
15 Year old Commenter
No more shock therapy for Internet Addicts!
Monkey Moves Robot with Mind Control?

Show Topic Notes:
Google Health gets you Prepared for Death!
Apollo 11 Videos Restored
New Space shots of Sea Ice.
Journalist know the end is near.
RIAA to have to open books during trial on finances!
Unknown Substance in Alaska Waters.
Crew Inspects Endeavor after Launch!
Fonera 2.0 Wireless routers available in the United States!
1.5 Billion Apps downloaded from Apple App Store!
12% of us are real dumb as we respond to spam by buying something?
Would be Sat hackers arrested on DMCA charges!
Did you get a 23 Quadrillion Visa Over charge and $15.00 over limit charge as well?
Yes your being watched on Twitter by Advertisers.
Microsoft Fights Fire with Fire opening stores Near Apple Stores!
Apple drops to 5th in computer sales!
Palm in trouble after Apple locks them out of iTunes!
Will you pay for that News Site?
Twitter corporate docs spread for world to see quite shameful!
Twitter who left the door unlocked?
Rebooting RSS?
Google Reader tries to go Social.
Personal Damage Control Suggestions!
Boston.com Remembers Apollo 11 in Pics.
Firefox tools for Web Workers.
Stumbleupon’s Awesome URL shortner!
Do you need advanced e-mail search?
Google wants you to fight for National Broadband!
Google Launches Best Mobile Location Information Feature yet!
Free or Paid what do you think is more popular? Easy Deduction ehhh!
Chrome OS all about Advertising in your Face
EVGA Interview 1770 has possibilities!
Bill Gates Yawns on Google OS says just another Linux Systems.
Did Apple really ask Microsoft to stop Laptop-Hunter Ads?

GNC-2009-03-10 #458 Great Show from Japan

Last Show from Japan and then I will be back in Hawaii for a few weeks. Look forward to getting back to the regular studio and cranking out the shows from home. I am announcing a new segment in tonights podcast pretty excited about adding it to the line-up.

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Newspaper Popup

Show Notes:
Safari Speed Good – Features Flop
Free Hosted Blog Publishing
Let’s Vote for Woz
VMWare vs Parallels
Philips Master LED
Music Add-Ons for Firefox
Security Metrics that Lie
Kepler Mission Launched
STS-119 Shuttle to Launch
Chevrolet Volt
Hulu/Boxee Battle Royale
Streaming is now at Fault
Verizon TOS Scary
Bloggers are Journalist?
Forgot how to make Nukes?
Encrypted hard-Drives
Fingerprint Paper
Anti-Virus Vendor Says 1% PC hacked
Google Docs Leaked
A New Way to Search?
Seagate 6gb/s
Cydia Opens Rouge App Store
Clear to launch in many Cities
Google – Blogger DMCA Policies
12 Megapixels is that it?
Norway Gets P2P
Running Wndows 7 beta on Macbook Info

GNC-2008-01-15 #339

Back from Vegas back in the Saddle and ready to bring you the latest hot topics plus a full run down of everything that has been going on including some inside information.

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No Love for ASUS
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Updated Battery Rules

Show Notes:
Solar Masterpiece
Ford Trademark
Apple Ultra Portable?
Google Maps and Weather Channel
Macbook Air?
RIAA opens Mouth Again
Netflix Video on Demand Unlimited Views
OLPC Dissected
USB 2.0 Universal HDD Adapter
Vista SP1 RC Refresh
FeedDemon and NetNewsWire FREE!
FeedDemon Crack ;)
Facebook to buy Plaxo? Why?
Journalist using Bloggers
WiMax Enabled ASUS EE PC
Google and iPhone
Bad Review Request DMCA Takedown
Hubble Repair Plans
Shuttle Launch Feb 7th

Vista totally controls your content!

A revelation at a recent Electronics House Expo is making my blood boil. Apparently Microsoft has decided to once again to kick consumers to the curb in restricting your ability to use and distribute content you are paying for.

This issues revolves around the ability of being able to use a CableCard with Vista for those of you that were looking forward to pushing recorded TV content to other PC’s within your homes will not be able to. In an even more shocking development even though Microsoft bowed to the cable industry on this and threw consumers under a bus. They were able to make provisions to be able to send recorded data to a Xbox 360.

It is rumored that those devices that are aka certified as media extenders by Microsoft will be able to be granted download rights as the Xbox 360 does but for now if you want to push videos to other computers in your home you will be restricted from doing this.

This also means pushing that recorded content to a portable media player will be restricted as well. There is no doubt in my mind that Microsoft and all the other big players are so deep in the media industries pockets that consumer rights will continue to be eroded to the point where we will have to ask permission someday to turn a TV on.

With the restrictions CableLabs has placed on vendors, and the cable companies demanding control not to mention how the DMCA has been abused to the loss of consumers it’s surprising that anything even works. [ArsTechnica]

Apple Stock Holder Nightmare OS X on regular PC’s

Let’s face the facts it is early in the game and people are already getting OS X running on regular PC’s that normally run Windows. It is such a nightmare for Apple that they have their lawyers serving DMCA notices to anyone that links to sites that show how to do it or even discusses it. They are demanding site take downs and legal notices are flying.

Guess what Apple I have no sympathy, for years you have charged consumers a premium for your computers and had people locked in. People like choices and you have to face the fact that your decision to move to Intel based chips is opening the door for people to run OS X on computers that used to be reserved for Windows and Linux. [ZDNet]

If manufactures were smart they would insure that they made it easy for people to do this. They don’t have to break the law to introduce feature sets on their computers that run better when run on OS X

Xbox Moder’s Face Prison Time

Having traveled all over the world I can say that I have been in plenty of stores that sell mod kits for game consoles. Not being a gamer I never really paid much attention but based on the amount of traffic these main street stores were doing I would say a lot of people on vacation come looking for mod chips.

What I did not realize is that gaming consoles were being modified here in the United States, guess I should not be that surprised as some people love playing games and do not have the $50.00 to pay for each game so instead shell out between $250.00 and $500.00 and have their consoles modified to play games that have been ripped hacked and loaded on large hard-drives.

It appears the feds took down one shop that was modifying Xbox consoles. The curious thing is that they defendants claimed that Xbox 360 mod chips would be available within two weeks of release if this claim is true that would be pretty amazing. [TechWeb]