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Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Unboxing Video

I received the Samsung Chromebook today and thought I would do a quick unboxing. Had a little screen glare during parts of it but we will get it hooked up to the tricaster for future screen demos.

So far so good but I have discovered one major issue, it fails to connect to my main wireless router in the house on my high speed connection. It will connect to my secondary connections no problem but I have no idea why it refuses to connect to my main connection.

The data plans are not as generous as the iPad, Verizon is offering 1gb for $9.99 per month. There is no 2gb plan at all. I picked the 1gb plan to see how far it will really take me.

Bootup after setup is 3-4 seconds tops.

I look forward in seeing how far we can go with the Chrome OS on “The Chrome Show” launching here in a few days!

GNC #671 On the Road

Geek News Central Podcast It is survey time again and I hope you will take 60 seconds to fill out my listener survey. We have streamlined this so you can click, click, click and be done. Thanks for your support in advance. Quick show and an absolutely funny in the shower story.

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Show Notes:
Bing Facebook Effect.
PSN is Back sort of.
Miramax comes to Netflix.
Wireless Hard-Drive?
Felony to Stream!
Google TV $179.00
Lodsys reveals their extortion.
Nuance in OSX Lion.
UK Super Injunction expands.
Second Monitor do you need it.
Jetbag your Wine Purchases.
New Scareware fakes drive Failure.
No More “You” Tube?
FCC Commissioner on defense.
Firefox 3.5 No More Support.
Hackers can get 3 years.
Android not Secure?
Facebook wins in court.
AT&T Security Service for Consumers.
Google News Grows.
Baby Named Like.
Sun Versus Comet = Sun Wins
Galaxy Windstorms.
FCC Cracks down on Reporting.
Senators not Happy with ICE Response.
Pirate Bay Server Upgrades.
Alt Operating Systems.
Microsoft to buy Nokia.
New DJ tools.
Gag USB Cable.
Car Tip.
Waterproof bags for your iPad.
WordPress App.
ChromeBook Thoughts.
TAX on SD Cards!
Leica Art.

GNC #670 Chrome OS Arrives

I am sure you have noticed the new strategy with the show content and I hope you like the tighter format. The goal is more insight on the important stuff while at the same time getting you a nice sampling of what you may have missed. This may mean longer rants on some sections of the show and barely a gloss over on other segments. All of this is part of the process I am using to take the show to the next level. Your feedback is welcome. Enjoy todays show! Next show will be road show.. Listen for details.

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Show Notes:
Chrome Notebooks
Ultimate Family Computer?
Our OS are Torturing us?
Google TV and the Master Plan.
Google I/O Recap.
DIY Chrome Book.
Senate Censorship Bill!
The 6 Billion dollar roll of the Dice.
Apple Walled Garden Kills Another Company.
Netflix comes out Guns Blazing!
Microsoft + Skype = I do not Understand.
FBI Statements Typical!
The ACTA Treaty!
Corruption at the highest Level!
Sneaker Net email.
TwitPic shame on You!
Comcast fixes Pirate Bay?
iMac Drives Proprietary.
Lime Wire 105 Million to RIAA Partners.
Sony Messed with wrong Hackers.
Facebook PR Team BLOWS It.
National Jukebox 1900 Music.
Caffeine Buzz via your Soap.
Black Holes = Earlier Universes?
Target Asteroid Acquired.
30 Supernova a Second?
Endeavor Team back at KSC.
Wrong Place, Wrong IP, Wrong Time.
Battle Lines Drawn over Net Rentals!
Cox brings TV to Net.
Adobe Sues Wowza over Patents.
Femtocell to Save the Day!
Making your own Coupons = Jail Time.
Google Music Dance over Money.
iPad Wifi Issue is Back.
Amazon Tablet on the Way.
Australian Key loggers for Gov’t employees.
Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed in Japan.

Chrome OS – Are you Ready?

Up until today I had sort of discounted Chrome OS as a potential game changer, but after spending an hour watching their keynote tonight I can honestly say it is quite amazing to look at all of the pieces of the puzzle come together in a multi-billion dollar chess match that has Apple and Microsoft lined up against them.

But one thing in my household has really changed what I think of Cloud computing. I can count on one hand how many times my wife has had to use her Mac Book Pro in the past year since I purchased her a iPad. She simply loves the device and even canceled her phones data plan and only uses the iPad for the high majority of her computing needs.

My bet is the Chrome OS echo system is going to explode over the next 12 months and that a huge number of start-ups are going to get funded that do nothing but build applications for Chrome OS.

While I doubt that I will ever be able to walk away from using a powerful desktop or laptop but even I find myself in the cloud a lot more than I used to. This video is very compelling. But I can tell you what I will be buying on June 15th and it will be a Chrome OS laptop.

One thing as well Chrome OS developers are going to be very busy!

Chrome Or Android For Tablets?

With a plethora of tablets on the horizon I started wondering…what is Google’s real strategy?  Apple has hit the market early and hard and Windows 7, which is sleek, fast, and touch-ready, just doesn’t seem to be quite the tablet OS it could be.

Google seems to be somewhat mixed up with their answer to this.  Several manufacturers are readying Android-based tablets, but Google is readying the Chrome OS, which it touts as it’s tablet/netbook OS.

This is going to be a problem for Google.  It is NEVER good to split your own market.  Android is working and people love it.  So why divide everything by introducing Chrome OS?  People are getting used to Android – they love the phones, as evidenced by the sales, which are through-the-roof.  And there’s nothing wrong with Android for a tablet either.  Samsung  just showed off the Samsung Galaxy Tab which will run Android 2.2.  If iOS can run a tablet so can Android – and just as well.

Granted we haven’t seen Chrome yet.  Reportedly devices running it will be out this holiday season.  But with Android’s huge headstart, customer recognition, and fast-growing app ecosystem, I can’t imagine who will want a Chrome device.  I guess in the long run it won’t necessarily hurt Google, other than diverting resources.  On the other hand, it could serve to confuse some potential customers.  When they see they are getting the “Google OS” they will automatically think Android.  We will know in the next few months, but I skeptical as of now.

GNC-2009-07-17 #494 You have a Mission!

Your geek here at Geek News Central is looking for some info from the Ohana and I am sure you will come through for me. Looking for a lot of feedback on a couple of issues. Lots of great tech tonight as always that you are going to find very stimulating.

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Show Topic Notes:
Google Health gets you Prepared for Death!
Apollo 11 Videos Restored
New Space shots of Sea Ice.
Journalist know the end is near.
RIAA to have to open books during trial on finances!
Unknown Substance in Alaska Waters.
Crew Inspects Endeavor after Launch!
Fonera 2.0 Wireless routers available in the United States!
1.5 Billion Apps downloaded from Apple App Store!
12% of us are real dumb as we respond to spam by buying something?
Would be Sat hackers arrested on DMCA charges!
Did you get a 23 Quadrillion Visa Over charge and $15.00 over limit charge as well?
Yes your being watched on Twitter by Advertisers.
Microsoft Fights Fire with Fire opening stores Near Apple Stores!
Apple drops to 5th in computer sales!
Palm in trouble after Apple locks them out of iTunes!
Will you pay for that News Site?
Twitter corporate docs spread for world to see quite shameful!
Twitter who left the door unlocked?
Rebooting RSS?
Google Reader tries to go Social.
Personal Damage Control Suggestions!
Boston.com Remembers Apollo 11 in Pics.
Firefox tools for Web Workers.
Stumbleupon’s Awesome URL shortner!
Do you need advanced e-mail search?
Google wants you to fight for National Broadband!
Google Launches Best Mobile Location Information Feature yet!
Free or Paid what do you think is more popular? Easy Deduction ehhh!
Chrome OS all about Advertising in your Face
EVGA Interview 1770 has possibilities!
Bill Gates Yawns on Google OS says just another Linux Systems.
Did Apple really ask Microsoft to stop Laptop-Hunter Ads?