If Chrome OS is to Succeed Attention to Detail is Neeeded!

Ironically this blog post is written on Firefox on my Computer versus my Chrome browser on my Chromebook because I could not capture or insert images in the wordpress editor.

I know I have my Chromebook about a week early. It is pretty obvious because the boys at Google are not ready for us yet. When I went over to Picasa the site thought I was a Linux machine and asked me to download some Linux RPM file.

Also when you visit the Chrome Web Store and try and install some apps they kinda get confused. I installed a screen capture app made by Google. It will capture the image but it kinda like gets lost when trying to figure out where to save it.

These are the big things Google is going to have to solve and like yesterday. If I install an App from the Chrome Web Store it better work on the Chrome OS aka Chromebook if it doesn’t it just is gonna piss people off.

So here is my advice to Google, flag the apps that will work well with the Chromebooks and hide the rest. I surely do not want to have to figure it out myself..

If these little things can be fixed, then the developers can also see what is missing and start designing apps for the Chromebook and the Chrome OS

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