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iWalk Docking Backup Batteries

Over the holiday season many people are going to be getting a new smart phones or tablets for gifts and they will quickly notice that the battery doesn’t last as long as they want or need. I know from personal experience that there is nothing worse than being out in the field ready to do something important on your smart phone or tablet only to discover that the battery has run down.  iWalk maker of Apple and smart phones accessories understands this problem.

“Portable electronics are an important part of our daily lives, but added functionality and mobility means increased concerns about battery life,” said Harris Bernstein, vice president of sales and marketing for iWALK. “We understand that extra talk time does not only mean productivity, but could also mean safety and peace of mind during emergencies.”

iWalk has several lines of products for both phones and tablet, covering both iPhone and Android. The iWalk docking backup batteries come in choices that handle up to 5000mAh capacity.  It has introduced a new line of docking backup batteries the Link 1000, They come in a variety of colors and have an LED indicator. The indicator shows charging and discharging levels. The Link series handle up to 1000mAh capacity. The products have been tested under extreme conditions to ensure great performance. They are available for purchase on the iWalk website, select Sprint stores and other retailers nationwide. If you are getting someone a smart phone or tablet for the holidays you might also want to get them a charger to go with it.

Energizer iSurge @ CES 2012

Energizer introduced their newest Isurge Travel Charger at CES 2012. The newest charger is specially made for micro USB powered device. It has a cable which allows you to plug-in a micro USB powered device. It has two USB ports which have 2.1 amp shared. If you plug-in one device it will use all 2.1 amps. If you plug both it will share the 2.1 amps.

Iphone iSurgeThere are three surge protected outlet on the side. The plug rotates 180° which allows it work no matter how the outlet is set up. This new charger should be available later in 2012 and will run $59.99.

Energizer has already released a charger which is specially made for the iPhone. It has a 30 pin connector at the top, that the iPhone plugs directly into. It also has the two USB ports and the three surge protected outlet on the side. It is also $59.99 and is available now

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator

The nPower PEG (Personal Energy Generator) is a kinetic charger that generates electricity through the motion of your body, typically when you are walking or running. It stores the energy in a rechargeable battery which can then be used to charge your mobile phone, mp3 player or other portable device via USB. As a rough guide, a minute of motion gives a minute of mp3 listening on an iPod nano or similar player.

Available for $159.99 soon – it’s on back-order according to the website.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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One of the big pushes at CES 2011 is green technology. GE is a major part of this push with their ecomagination products. GE (General Electric) is attending CES for the first time in 2011 to show off their eco-friendly devices including WattStation and Nucleus. The WattStation is a device used to charge up electric cars, in a fraction of the time that it takes to do now. Currently it can take from 12-18 hours to charge up the car, the Wattstation decreases the time to as little as 4-8 hours. The WattStation integrates directly into the electrical distribution system. It will be a part of the smart grid allowing utility companies to manage the impact of electric cars on the electric grid. There will be a commercial version available version in 2011 and a special home version will be available later this year. The device is designed by industrial designer Yves Behar. It is also upgradeable and can keep up with the latest technology. GE will provide expert installation and allow consumers to pay for it overtime.

The second device that GE is showing off at CES is the Nucleus The Nucleus communicates with a smart meter and tell the user how much electricity their devices are using. The secure information is then sent directly to a computer and in the near future a smart phone in almost real-time. The system updates every 15 seconds. It also allows you to control your thermostat directly from your computer and soon your cell phone This devices allows users to determine how their electricity is being used. With this knowledge consumers can manage their electric usage better and lower their electric bills. It will also help the consumers determine if a device is having problems before they receive a huge electric bill. GE is hoping that overtime this will reduce overall electricity consumption and therefore the need for fossil fuel.

Energizer announces the first inductive charger with QI technology

Energizer is releasing a new inductive charging system this October at Target stores and on Target.com. It’s officially called “Energizer Inductive Charger”

The new charging pad will charge any QI (Pronounced Chee) enabled device or a device with a QI accessory. Energizer will have the first two of these accessories available at the same time. They are starting with the iPhone 3G and 3GS sleeves and a BlackBerry® Curve™ replacement battery door. They say they will have more accessories available at a later date. Ultimately, doors and sleeves will not be required as manufacturers begin introducing new devices with the Qi standard built in.

iPhone 3g and blackberry on the Energizer Inductive Charger with QI Technology

Imagine sitting at your desk and just putting your smart phone on a nice looking pad and not having to plug it in to keep it charged. Or at the end of the day, just put your gadgets on the pad at the bedside and they will be all charged up in the morning.

In the past, these inductive chargers all had a different standard and had to speak the correct language to work. QI is an open source standard so any QI device and charger can work together. QI does require metal to metal contact to work. QI Logo

I’m looking forward to having a charger like this for my smartphone (Droid).

For more information about these new products check out: Energizer Inductive Charger.

To read more about the QI (pronounced Chee) standard, go to The Wireless Power Consortium home page.