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Intel Advocates Overclocking – CES 2009

Intel_logoWatch as we meet with an Intel official advocating safely overclocking a notebook and in fact providing tools for overclocking with select Intel chipsets.

Each notebook manufacturer can choose which method they want to do to cool the CPU. What Intel provides is a safe way to unlock the chips to easy overclock and provide a software utility that allows them (OEMs) to overclock within the same parameter (and still keep it cool). For core 2 extreme quad-core processor each OEM is provided with the utility for this overclocking capability and its to them to decide whether they want to built it in to the BIOS or not. The overclocking utility is out now so check it out at www.intel.com.

LOK8U – CES 2009

Lok8u_logoMoms and Dads keep track of the kids by having them simply wear a watch. This new technology will allow you to track where your kids are with a tamper-proof device that if removed, will alert you that there is a issue. Lok8U uses GPS and Satellites to track where your kids are at all times and GSM technology to alert you via text/email.

This is the world’s first GPS locator device that has been specifically designed with children in mind. It will tell you exactly where your child is, whenever you feel you need to know – at home or even abroad. All you need is a mobile phone or a computer to find their precise location. And unlike similar locator products, num8 has been cleverly concealed in a child’s digital watch that is securely fastened to your child and cannot be removed or deactivated without your knowledge. Another great feature of num8 is the ability to set up a virtual fence as a ‘safe zone’. If your child steps outside this zone you’ll know it right away. It means total security, absolute peace of mind, all day long. num8 uses the same Pinpoint precise GPS technology used in SatNav systems and is accurate to within 3 meters. Just text WRU from your phone and within 30 seconds you get information back including street name, building number, zip code and linking to the Google maps. The battery standby times is 100 hours and 2 to 3 days of battery life in normal use of 8 to 10 interactions with the device a day. (If you are checking your kid every 2 or 3 minutes you will get 8 to 9 hours of the battery life.) The information is available on the website www.lok8u.com. The price point is $200 USD with a monthly subscription of $10 USD.

AT&T CruiseCast – CES 2009

Att_cruisecast_logoMoms (and Dads) now you can have TV piped directly into your vehicle via satellite and the CruiseCast Service.

The AT&T CruiseCast Service provides national, continuous, high quality coverage through their breakthrough continuity technology. The first low profile antenna Rear Seat Entertainment system satellite TV in the car that provides 22 family programming channels and 20 satellite radio channels. The product uses state-of-the art GPS tracking. Go to www.cruisecast.com to find local dealers and retailers near you. It’s $1299 for full kit and a monthly subscription of $28. The TV screen is not included.

Hyundai-Kia Motors – CES 2009

Hyundai-kia_logo_smallThe team at Hyundai-Kia where showing off the future of technology they have planned for their automobiles.

Using Wi-Fi connection you can connect from your home to your car or from your car to your home (Car-Home Network). The vehicle is set up with a dual screen display; uses two cameras instead of rear view mirrors; and a control surface in the middle. With this new technology you can control certain home functions that you may have on your home computer, like air conditioning, curtains, lighting, etc. Since this is conceptual technology there is no information available on the web, but Hyundai will be coming out with some information about this in the future. You can check www.hyundai-motors.com for other cars info.

Flir Live Thermal Imaging – CES 2009

Flir_logo_smallFlir has introduced an Infrared system for automobiles. The technology that is now possible is simply amazing. Check out what Flir has available for your car in Infrared products.PathFindIR_apppage

FLIR Systems, Inc. is the global leader in Infrared cameras, night vision and thermal imaging systems. Their products play pivotal roles in a wide range of industrial, commercial and government activities in more than 70 countries. Pioneers in the commercial infrared camera industry, the Company has been supplying thermography and night vision equipment to science, industry, law enforcement and the military for over 30 years. It’s a FarIR technology that doesn’t required any illumination and it sees a lot further. The price point for BMW for the new generation products is $2600. They have a kit available that includes camera that goes inside the BMW exactly, a bracket and a cable this kit prices $2800 range.

Hantech Tablo – CES 2009

Hantech-logoHantech has an interesting product that allows you to turn any laptop into a tablet PC.

Tablo for laptop (model: TL-01 Series) is an innovative pen input device performing a full tablet function with simple installation. Tablo supports perfect tablet compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista and provides the finest handwriting, drawing, sketching and illustration with simple touch. This excellent pen mouse allows to maximize its convenience while the following software; Microsoft Windows Live messenger, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Journal Note, and Sticky Note and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF, and many more programs where the mouse is normally used. Create and personalize your documents with your own style! Product Features: Monitor Tablet/Digital pen for laptop PC; coverage up to 15.4” wide screen in slim and mini design for mobile user; easy calibration & one-stop installation setting; ultra portability with any laptop PC; powerful & smart mate for presentation & office documentation. System Requirement: CPU: Over 1GHz Pentium compatible, RAM: Over 512 MB, Interface: USB port / CD-ROM driver. Specification: Memory: 170mm-358mm diagonal (15.4 inch), Power source: DC 5V (USB)/LR41 Cell Battery, Technology  Ultrasonic and Infrared, Sampling rate: Over 70 Hz, Device standard: HID pen device. The price point is under $100 for US.