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Sony Pocket Vaio – CES 2009

Sony_logo Do not be fooled by it’s size the Sony Pocket Vaio is a powerhouse and is absolutely not a netbook but a powerful PC with design considerations for the user with the device built around the keyboard.Sony-vaio

Take a closer look and that’s all it takes to realize what makes a VAIO notebook special. With unrivaled attention to detail and style that always makes a statement. Each series features a unique blend of textures and colors that can’t be ignored. It comes in four colors green, black, red and white. Easy to use, comfortable to use and it has this full type in keyboard that’s very easy and functional to type on. Weights 1.4 lbs with 8 inches ultra wide screen with 1600×768 resolution that can easily display two web pages side-by-side. Connectivity: with built-in Verizon 3G mobile broadband technology, embedded GPS and Microsoft Streets 2009 software. It uses lithium polymer removable battery. The standard battery gives you two to four hours of use and the extended battery is double the capacity and available for $129. It has Bluetooth built-in and a connections on the side called display LAN adapter for VGA-out and hardwire LAN out. The Pocket Vaio is available now starting at $900. Find this unit at www.sonystyle.com.

Sony Webbie HD Camera – CES 2009

Sony_logoThe Sony Webbie is a game changer for Sony. A camera designed for the YouTube generation with default file format in H.264, MP4 which is simply amazing if you think about it. A great camera with a great recording capability.Sony-hd

Webbie HD Camera is Sony’s new stylish cameras that make it easy to capture and upload MP4 video and still photos directly to the Web. The MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1 Webbie HD™ cameras capture daily events in high definition video (1440×1080/30p) and 5-megapixel still photos. Embedded software makes it possible to quickly upload content online in a few simple clicks. By connecting the camera to your computer via the supplied USB cable, the embedded PMB Portable software quickly transfers content to video and photo sharing websites. It includes direct upload to Shutterfly™ and Picasa™ Web Albums photo sharing sites, YouTube™ and Dailymotion™ video sharing sites and Photobucket™ video and photo sharing site. You can also simply drag and drop video files from the camera to your personal computer folders. Unlike other cameras you can put up to 16GB card on it. The CM1 is available now for $199 and PM1 is available for $169 price point. The Webbie HD cameras will be sold at Sony Style® retail stores, online at www.sonystyle.com/webbiehd and through authorized dealers nationwide.

Chumby – CES 2009

Chumby_logo_text90Check out what the folks at Chumby have planned for 2009. They are focusing on community and hope to see some changes in the hardware department.Chmbyblue_290x270 The unit they show in the video is a “proof of concept” device and they are looking for manufacturers who want to take over the product.

Chumby is a personalized internet content on connected screen. Last year they present a personal internet media player that you can configure the play of your favorite parts of the internet that is encapsulated in widgets.  Today they are showing a prototype hardware and software, a chumby enabled photo frame. Full featured photo frame with has gigabit internal memory. You can attach USB devices and SD Cards with a touch screen interface. When you buy the frame it comes up with set of widgets. You can widgetize all photo contents. On chumby enabled device you can look at photos from all different sources in a multimedia stream and it has also internet radio. With the social networking aspect of the device you can send photos to other people. They have also the concept of Grandma mode where the frame is very easy to configure. The original chumby (shown in the product picture above) cost $199.95 at www.chumby.com

Sling Media iPhone Application – CES 2009

Sling-logoThe team from Sling Media are coming out with an iPhone application to communicate with your Sling Media player. Some pretty exciting new functions coming to you from Sling Media.Sling_iphone_1208

Sling Media is whole experience to access your content from any place that you have internet connection. The BETA version for blackberry has just released. It allows to control slingbox from the blackberry as well as other mobile devices like PPC smartphones, iPhones, etc. Check out http://www.slingmedia.com/ for more info.

Roland – CES 2009

Roland-logoAre you a drummer? If you are you will want to check out what the team from Roland have put together. Watch as team member Jeffrey Powers jams out on the main stage.Roland-drums

The TD20S Drum set which is the highest V-drums that Roland has to offer with new TDW20 expansion cards. With 50 new drum sets inside it provide different ambiances. The TD-20 sound module has improved mesh-head V-Pads™, highly acclaimed V-Cymbals™ and innovative new V-Hi-Hat for complete playability. The HD1 drum set is the entry level model called the V compact series and has ten drum sets and designed with five variation push buttons on the front. These are really amazing drums. Check out www.roland.com for more exciting products.

Zune – CES 2009

ZuneLogoA team member from Zune catches us up on what is happening with Zune and talks about some of the new great media players out there.Zune-player

Zune MP3 comes with new colors Black, Red and Blue. The 120GB hard drive can store up to 30,000 songs, 25,000 pictures, or 375 hours of video. They enabled the “buy from FM feature” so when you are in a wireless hot spot you can buy the song and instantly download it to your device. The biggest feature in Zune is when you have Zune pass subscription: dock your Zune and stream 3 million songs wirelessly. A Zune Pass subscription is a great deal for music lovers becaue you can download all the music you like and pick 10 MP3s to keep forever for only $14.99 a month. There’s also another feature that they enabled where you can subscribe in Zune Channels —  combining the best features of podcasts and playlists, subscribe to channels by Billboard, The FADER, and radio stations like KROQ and KEXP channels. Mixview is dynamic representations of your collection, as well as artist and song recommendations based on what you and other members of the Social are listening to. There are great reviews of the Zune software and its available to download for free at www.zune.net

Beamz – CES 2009

Beamz-logoBeamz probably captivated us the most of any product we saw at CES. A truly innovative device that will provide hours of creativity in creating music. Watch at team member Andy McCaskey is just about besides himself as he tries this device out.Beamz-shot

The beamz is a unique, first-of-its-kind product that allows anyone to create harmonious music regardless of musical talent or experience. The product has six laser beams. Breaking any one of the beams with your hand triggers the system to play streams of musical notes or sounds. Every performance is a success because whichever beam you break, the music will always be harmonious. Play it alone or with friends and family for a fun group experience. This is a USB device with an Intel dual core processor and sells for $300. Visit www.thebeamz.com