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Samsung’s New AI Powered Vacuum and Laundry Cleaning Products at CES 2021

At CES 2021, Samsung Electronics introduced new home appliances that can help automate daily tasks. The new JetBot 90 AI+ features smart technologies that optimize its cleaning route and respond to its environment.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s new Smart Dial Front Load washers and dryers use artificial intelligence to learn user preferences and recommend optimal washing and drying cycles. Both the JetBot 90 AI+ and smart washer were recently recognized with this year’s CES Innovation Awards and will arrive in the U.S. in the first half of 2021.

The JetBot 90 AI+ – the world’s first smart robotic vacuum, powered by Intel AI – gives your floors an amazing clean with minimal effort.

Using a combination of sensors and AI-enhanced object recognition technology, the JetBot 90 AI+ navigates your home with the same efficiency and care that you do. A LiDAR sensor, similar to that used in self-driving cars, detects distance and tracks location for precise movements. A 3D sensor recognizes the difference between objects such as a toy and the leg of a chair, detects even small objects on the floor, and recognizes a room’s shape to maneuver around it.

An object recognition algorithm allows it to identify objects of all kinds and map the safest, most efficient route. JetBot 90 AI+ then uses this information to clean closely around items on the floor, while being sure to maintain a safe distance from fragile or delicate objects, and to lower itself under furniture when needed. If anything is classified as dangerous or likely to cause secondary contamination, it will simply avoid the object.

As it cleans the floor, the JetBot 90 AI’s advanced digital inverter motor maximizes the 30W suction power of its Jet Cyclone system to trap dust from the air and dirt from the floor. The unit’s self-cleaning brush, which has fine fibers made of soft woven textiles, picks up dust from hard floor and reaches into crevices.

When it’s finished cleaning, the JetBot 90 AI+’s automatically heads back to the Clean Station, Samsung’s signature disposal system. There, it empties the dirt, dust, and hair it has collected into a bag that you only need to replace once every two or three months,

And by connecting your smartphone via the Samsung SmartThings app, the JetBot 90 AI+ literally puts its cleaning power in your hands. Control you vacuum from anywhere – schedule a clean, set “no-go zones” on a map of your home, or even connect to its camera to keep an eye on your home and your pets while you’re away.

Samsung’s AI innovations are continually changing the way consumers tackle everyday tasks. The new 8800 Series Smart Dial Front Load washers and dryers have been redesigned to make laundry easier, more intuitive, and less stressful.

Samsung is bringing its signature Smart Dial technology to the new laundry pair. The Smart Dial intelligently learns your preferred cycles and settings, then prioritizes them for quick access in a simplified, easy-to-use control panel. It also recommends specific cycles based on intelligent learning of past cycles run on particular days of the week or at specific times.

Its powerful OptiWash feature detects the laundry load’s weight and uses a patented Turbidity Sensor to determine the ideal amount of water and detergent to use in the cycle. It also determines how long to wash clothing, ensuring that clothes come out their cleanest.

Using a stacked washer and dryer has never been easier. With the MultiControl feature, you can fully operate both the washer and the dryer right from a centralized panel on the washer, keeping all controls within an easy reach. You can also use the SmartThings app to receive end of cycle alerts, remotely start or stop wash cycles, schedule cycles, and more, right from your smartphone.

Bodyfriend Wins Third CES Innovation Award for Massage Chair

Bodyfriend, a leading global health and wellness solutions company, partnered with Bang & Olufsen, a global luxury audio brand, to create its QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen, which was recently awarded the CES 2021 Innovation Award Product within the Smart Home category.

“We are extremely proud and honored to receive yet another CES award for the work we are doing to develop products that both envelop the senses and assist in stimulating the health and wellness of our customers,” said Changjoo Kim, CEO of Bodyfriend North America. “The partnership with Bang & Olufsen is yet another critical partnership in growing our brand around the world. We look forward to upcoming collaborations to continue enhancing our customer’s overall experience.”

The QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen massage chair is set for market launch in April. The chair is designed to excite the senses of hearing and touch by leveraging product features like zero gravity mode, ventilated cooled and heated seats, a new uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and updated and structural design to provide comfort, proper stretching and enhanced massage options.

One feature the team at Bodyfriend’s Medical R&D Center has been honing and integrating into their products is the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Bodyfriend’s digital Healthcare Platform relies on AI to recognize the user’s voice and commands and reveal muscles and blood spots stimulated during massage. The QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen also leverages empirical statistics and big data to provide a holistic health-consulting menu to users, such as related health and wellness content.

“The cloud-based AI is what truly powers the QUANTUM Audio Speakers by Bang & Olufsen massage chair,” added Kim. “Customers are able to use a full-color, full high-definition 10.1 inch tablet attached to a rotating holder to display information, including the user’s health and massage data, recommended content and entertainment played through the incredible Bang & Olufsen integrated sound system.”

Tuya Smart Releases New Smart Outdoor Solutions During CES 2021

Tuya Smart, a leading global AT+IoT (AioT) platform provider announced its new smart outdoor solutions, including devices for both travel and tracking. The world is changing and so are the modes of transportation. With AI and IoT now being an integral part of the automobile industry, there’s an urgent need for smart outdoor solutions that are not only environment-friendly, but also can be tracked down for safety purposes. Tuya now provides a portfolio of transportation and tracking solutions to meet this demand.

Tuya offers one-stop solutions for building IoT-enabled transportation and tracking devices, which are compatible with protocols including Bluetooth, NB-IoT, GPRS, and LTE Cat 1. Their powerful platform capabilities include white label app development, globally deployed cloud services, and various networking modules. Robust cloud services assist in precise device positioning, geofencing, and tracking of routes, helping to deliver safe and easy travel experiences to users. In terms of related SaaS solutions, Tuya has also diversified into smart community, smart agriculture, and smart elderly care.

The smart outdoor solutions portfolio offers products in both travel and tracking categories. In terms of travel the products in the line-up are mostly electric in nature, that quickly empower traditional scooter manufacturers to achieve high-efficiency, low-cost smart functions like remote locking, riding statistics, headlight control, and battery monitoring. Tuya also offers multiple connectivity solutions, which include general MCU protocols, a cloud platform, app SDK, and RN (React Native) control panel SDK.

One of the biggest advantages of using the Tuva Platform is the smart integration process, which starts with determining the solution that is required, then quickly moves to the online product development and comprehensive testing of the smart product, resulting in the launch of the smart product.

In terms of technology, Tuya’s cloud computing-integrated positioning management platform provides location-based services, allowing users to precisely and easily locate vehicles, people, items, and pets.

Tuya provides a full suite of riding analytics, which are stored in the cloud, route tracking data at a glance, real-time phone alerts or text messages when a locked bike leaves a designated area, and comprehensive display of battery information. In terms of tracking solutions, we offer combined GPS, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, and Wi-Fi protocol, that ensure precise device positioning, track riding routes in real time on a mobile app or laptop, and one-key SOS function to call for help.

Ambient Weather Releases New Features at CES 2021

At CES 2021, Ambient Weather, a Nielsen-Kellerman brand, debuts the release of new features on AmbientWeather.net – the fastest growing interactive online weather community. Ambient Weather has been a market leader in weather stations, environmental monitoring instruments, and intuitive web-based dashboards for viewing and sharing weather data for over two decades.

Ambient Weather believes weather is personal, and we are dedicated to building a community around people who are passionate about weather.

Once you connect your personal weather station to AmbientWeather.net, you become a free contributing member to one of the most interactive social weather platforms. Join the conversation with seamless streaming of real-time weather conditions from your station, hyper-local weather forecasts, and an active community of weather professionals and enthusiasts who together, create a rich network of weather data.

The personal dashboard at AmbientWeather.net is the most versatile and intuitive in the industry. Posting data online from your own station is free and requires only a quick connection of your favorite ski area, marina, beach, or work location. View charts and graphs of historical data or information like temperature, humidity, rainfall, ultraviolet radiation, and more, directly from your device. And, once connected, you can interact with your personal station data on Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

AmbientWeather.net is much more than just a web-based weather dashboard. We take our extensive weather station network and place them into a mapping platform combining meaningful weather information with a robust community. View up-to-the-minute conditions and even live weather images from nearby stations such as your recreational or work location. Like, share and comment on forecasts in your area or create your own hyper-local forecasts.

No matter if you follow the weather to play for work, time with family, travel, or outdoor activities having real-time hyper-local weather reporting helps you stay more connected to what matters most.

New LG CineBeam Projector for Home Movie Viewing at CES 2021

The newest LG CineBeam 4K UHD Laser projector (model HU810P) from LG Electronics is designed to deliver an authentic movie theater experience to consumers in the comfort of their own homes. The latest innovation in LG’s popular high-resolution projector lineup, this projector offers features and technologies that make it the perfect choice for movie lovers and families who are entertaining at home.

In addition, to its cinematic quality picture, this model offers easy and convenient access to movies released direct to streaming services via compatibility with popular content streaming apps.

LG CineBeam 4K UHD Laser projector delivers sumptuous, 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution up to 300 inches (diagonally) with a dazzling 2,700 ANSI lumens of brightness, offering 97 percent of the DCI-P3 color space with its dual laser system. The projector’s laser light source is extremely reliable and durable, with a lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours of brilliance.

In dedicated theater rooms or typically lit living rooms, the projector delivers vibrant, crystal clear images via LG’s new Brightness Optimizer technology. Iris Mode offers two presets – Bright Room Mode and Dark Room Mode – that detects the amount of light in the room to deliver the best picture possible, even delivering a true movie theater environment if desired. And Adaptive Contrast automatically adjusts each frame to achieve the optimal contrast ratio in darker scenes.

With support for Real Cinema Mode and TruMotion Mode, the new LG CineBeam can show movies as their directors originally intended by adjusting the frame rate of the projected image to match the original source at 24Hz. LG’s TruMotion is especially well-suited for action movies, rendering quick movements and fast scenes smoothly and naturally. The projector supports a variety of popular HDR formats, including HDR10 and HLG, as well as Dynamic Tone Mapping.

For maximum convenience, LG CineBeam 4K UHD Laser projector features wireless connectivity with home theater audio systems via Bluetooth. When connecting via HDMI 2.1 with enhanced audio return channel (eARC), the projector delivers 4K images in 10-bit color with nearly lossless audio quality. Positioning the CineBeam anywhere in the room is a cinch thanks to its 1.6X zoom and horizontal and vertical lens shift.

The projector runs LG’s newest webOS 5.0 platform for intuitive control and navigation as well as quick access to popular streaming services such as Disney+ and YouTube. It is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and Screen Share, giving viewers the ability to share content from smartphones and tablets at cinematic scale.

“Our new CineBeam projector performs equally well with bright or dark scenes, elevating picture quality and enhancing the viewing experience to a whole new level,” said Jang Ik-hwan, Senior Vice President and Head of the IT Business Unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company.

Cenntro Automotive Unveils Class A All Electric Commercial Vehicle at CES 2021

Cenntro Automotive Group (Cenntro) unveiled its plans to expand its product portfolio with a purpose-built, all-electric Class 4 vehicle to serve the last-mile urban delivery market.

The vehicle, called the CityPorter, offers a unique solution to fleets and logistics customers, offering a range of up to 220 miles on a single charge, a payload of 5,700 pounds, and a top speed of 60 mph.

The CityPorter was purpose-built to support last mile delivery needs with its generous payload and 636 square feet of cargo capacity. Cenntro anticipates showcasing the CityPorter to US fleets in the second half of 2021 and is currently looking at opportunities to engage in demo programs for US and EU fleets.

“We are confident that we can ramp up our production as we move through 2021 and introduce the CityPorter to US and European markets, delivering the quality and performance that top tier fleets demand,” said Peter Wang, Chairman, and CEO.

The CityPorter will be equipped with Cenntro’s state-of-the-art telematics. Cenntro’s Smart platform drives powerful two-way data exchange and offers fleet management advanced integration with other business applications optimizing route planning, reducing downtime, and delivering true big data management.

To support the launch of CityPorter, Cenntro plans to expand its infrastructure in both the US and Europe and in late 2021. Also, Cenntro will open an Engineering and Innovation Center in New Jersey in the second quarter of 2021. “We intent to move closer to our customers as we expand our products portfolio,” continued Peter Wang.

About The CityPorter:

  • 220 miles on Single Charge
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • High Strength Chassis and Cab
  • Zero Emissions

Seguro Launches Airsafe and Smartspace at CES 2021

Seguro LLC is a Silicon Valley start-up founded by tech industry veterans. The Company has brought together some of their best and brightest, award-winning industrial designers, engineers and manufacturers.

The newest innovations will be showcased at CES 2021. Their products include a revolutionary clear face shield that delivers a clean curtain of purified air, and a contact tracing device the businesses and communities can use to keep their people safe.

Airsafe uses advanced HEPA filter technology to remove 99.97% of impurities as small as .3 microns from the air you breathe. The face shield allows users to travel and interact with others safely and comfortably, without the hinderance of a typical N-95 or cloth mask, which covers most of the face.

A powerful fan purifies the air, then delivers it as a clean curtain of fresh air to the nose and mouth. The gentle air pressure keeps contaminated, outside air from entering. With Airsafe, public transportation and interaction in the workplace is safer, and you can see facial expressions easily without worry.

According to Gioni Bianchini, the Company’s Founder and CEO, “Wearing a fabric or N95 mask negatively impacts communication.” Bianchini continues, “With Airsafe, you are able to eat in a restaurant, share your smile and feel safe to travel again.”

Seguro’s second new product innovation is Smartspace, which provides device-to-device tracing for use in offices, retirement communities, manufacturing facilities, schools, construction sites and anywhere groups work or live in close proximity within a contained environment. It is the most precise social distancing device available, able to track contact within inches.

The Smartspace badge triggers a warning if you get too close and provides instant tracing control. Slightly larger than a credit card, real time data is captured, while privacy of individuals is protected.

It makes contact tracing easy. The organization’s administrators can track who has been in contact with whom, and for how long within a particular geofenced area, on an easy-to-use dashboard. If a member of a group becomes ill, all those who have come in contact with that person can be contacted so they can be tested and/or quarantined, keeping the rest of the organization safe and secure.