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GNC-2009-11-24 #530 Lots of Action on this Show!

I had lot’s of fun on this show.. Pile of things to cover. I am headed to Texas next week so will be taking the show on the road. I will be doing a Thanksgiving evening show so if your full of Turkey and still awake, I will try and knock out a show earlier in the evening Hawaii time. Drive safe and have a great holiday! Your trials of our sponsors products and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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GNC-2009-10-22 #521 Bye Bye Sunshine State

On my way home, I have had a very productive week here in the Sunshine State, sadly tragedy in the National News in the area I have been staying the past couple of days. Next stop Sand Hill Road.. Will be in Silicon Valley next week look forward to bringing you the show from California. One more week on the road and then home for a spell. Take our National Listener Survey.

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GNC-2009-09-14 #511 In the City of Angels

I really do hate traveling as I am so spoiled when I am back in the studio in Hawaii. This show I talk a bit about Twitter and trust, do you trust the people you follow? Look forward to the meetup tomorrow night with show fans. Early show again on Thursday evening so join me for the live recording.

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Yahoo is Done Searching. Microsoft Gets Their Way (Sort of)

bing yahoo

Well, it was a deal that was a year and a half in the making. Actually, it’s been longer than that – nonetheless, Microsoft has finally gotten what they want. While it still needs to have a final stamp of approval, it looks like Yahoo search will become Yahoo Search powered by Bing.

The real history is this: Back in 2005, Microsoft talked ‘Partnership’ with Yahoo to thwart the ever growing Google. That was during the Instant Messaging days – When it was announced that MSN Messenger and Yahoo IM would be able to talk to each other.

By May of 2007, Microsoft and Yahoo were in talks of an apparent $50 Billion dollar merger. While that didn’t happen, we started seeing the beginnings of the Mass Exodus of Yahoo. Employees such as Farzad Nazem – who was Yahoo’s CTO at the time – took retirement. That was followed by other key players in Yahoo’s stable.

However, the battle didn’t really start until Feb 3rd, 2008, when Steve Ballmer offered $41 Billion to take over the company. It was a long – drawn out battle that gave people like Carl Icahn a seat on Yahoo’s board and Jerry Yang the heave – ho as CEO. Since then, Yahoo has plummeted in stock price.

Carol Bartz took over as CEO in January 2009 with a renewed hope. However, the Yahoo name has been pretty stagnant until just a couple weeks ago when they revamped email. Closing services like Yahoo Music and Geocities helped Yahoo score a profit in Q2, but the search side had remained at a plateau.

Then along came Bing.

“I think actually Bing is a good product. ” Carl Bartz announces in a transcript. “It actually extends sort of the experimentation around search and how people use it instead of just thinking like a standard blue link.” She goes on with “…Microsoft should be given kudos for Bing.”

What is supposedly proposed is that Microsoft will take over the search engine side of things. Yahoo will continue with ad placement on the site. Yahoo is expected to get 110% of search ad deals until 2011, in which it will drop to 90%, according to Allthingsd.com.

The drama is expected to unfold in the next 24 hours as it is said to be a ‘done deal – with the formalities happening later today’. Right now, neither side is ready to comment.


Microsoft has recently come out with its latest attempt at a search engine to counter Google. The result in called Bing. Microsoft insist that it is not a search engine, but a decision engine. It is unclear what the difference is and the name itself leaves a lot to be desire. That being said, Bing is worth a look at and I have add it to my search engine list.  If you are on Firefox there is an add on which will adds Bing to your search engine list. 

Yesterday I did a news search for the Air France airbus crash and when I searched by time and Bing searches were in order with the most recent one first. Google search by time was slightly out of order. Also on some searches Bing seems to be picking them up faster. On the same API story, Bing had it about 10 minutes ahead of Google. For most people this probably is not that in important. However the closer it gets to real time, the better it is. 

    Bing image search appears to use Light box or something like it, when you mouse over an image it pops out and gives you the url for the picture.  If you click on the image it takes you to the original url and shows related images on the side. You can limit your search by size, black or white or color, whether its a photo or illustration and finally by shape.     If you are searching for a person in image search you can easily limit the search to face only or by face and shoulder or everything.  

The video search engine is also intriquing. The video are playable simply by mousing over the video.  You can also limit the video by length, screen size and resolution.  If you only want to search a certain source you can do that to also as long as the source is listed on left hand side.  Hopefully, as time goes on they will add more video sources such as Vimeo and Quik, but it is not a bad start.  You can also browse for top videos including clips from TV shows, news and music videos . The only thing I have not figured out is how to stop the video once its starts playing. It is a little weak when it comes to maps. The map and the directions themselves are fine. The one thing that Goolge has that makes it better is that it integrates images along with the map. Bing does not do this. The shopping search seems to emphasis the sites which participate in a Cash Back Program, which is not something I am necessarily interested in.

Bing is not a bad search engine. However, other then the video and image special capabilities that I like a lot, there is nothing that will make the average person use it over Google.   I also found a couple of glitches while doing some searches.  I did a search for Lancaster Central Market.  The general search and images all hit the mark.   However when I did the same search under video  I got videos  for a house credit story and several others which had absolutely nothing to do with the Lancaster Central market.   Another glitch that was pointed out by the Leo Laporte on Macbreak Weekly  is if you do a search for the Palm Pre  under related search you get Palm tree items.  These are  glitches that need to be fixed, but they are to be expected in a beta release.