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HiSense shows off the Android refrigerator.

This year it almost seemed like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was more about appliances than it was tablets, phones and computers. We saw an Android-powered oven and even a refrigerator that incorporates a tablet built right into the door. The latter was shown off by HiSense and Andy McCaskey got a first-hand look in the video below.

The smart technology allows the owner to monitor energy usage and food usage. Of course, being a full-blown Android device, it also allows for communication, checking recipes and more. As for the specific app that the company created for this purpose, it will have bar-scanning capability so that, upon return from the market, you can enter the purchased items as they are stored away. There is even a notepad feature. All of this data can be forwarded to a smartphone.

There is a lot more included, but you have to check out the video for the full rundown. The technology is not yet available, but the company hopes to have it on the market in the near future.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and RV News Net

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An oven that runs Android. Yes I’m serious

There are literally thousands of products to be seen as you stroll the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show this week. Many of them will never actually come to market, and some of them shouldn’t. One line of products that seems to be prominent this year is “smart appliances.”

In that category there are plenty of refrigerators, washers and dryers. Then there is the Dacor Discovery IQ Wall Oven. It runs Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in tablet mode, has 512 MB DDR2 RAM, a 7 inch display and 16 GB of storage (expandable to 32 GB). Why would you possibly need this? Here is what the company has in mind:

“With the built-in Discovery IQ Controller home chefs can access the Dacor Discovery IQ Cooking Application and Guide while simultaneously downloading other popular applications through the Google® Play Store, researching new recipes or viewing cooking video demonstrations wirelessly through a home Wi-Fi network.

dacor discovery iq

The Discovery IQ Controller with interactive cooking application and guide can also be accessed remotely by the home chef throughout the home with their own Wi-Fi enabled tablet or smart phone.  The IQ eliminates the guesswork associated with preparing popular dishes and family recipes by way of a pre-programmed guide.  It enables users to prepare a wide range of dishes to perfection with the touch of a finger.  Simply select the desired recipe from the display menu, insert the dish, initiate the program and relax as the oven takes care of the rest.  Additionally, when the desired cook time has been reached, the oven will place the dish on warming mode, keeping food warm until ready to serve.”

The 30 inch wall oven is expected to come to market in the summer of 2013 and retail for a $7,499.

GE Nucleus for Home Energy Management

Andy and Tom interview Elizabeth Kurfess, Product Manager for General Electric on GE Nucleus, a home energy management system. As utilities start to install smart meters on the outside of homes, the Nucleus unit wireless communicates with the smart meter to bring information on power consumption and tariffs into the home, allowing the homeowner to make intelligent decisions about the use of electrical power.

The information held in Nucleus can be shown on the homeowner’s PC or smartphone so that a real-time view of power consumption can be seen.

Nucleus can also connect to GE’s Brillion-enabled household appliances (white goods) to get information on consumption and instruct the appliance to stop or start depending on price. For example, a tumble dryer could be told to start drying once the cheap rate cuts in or stop if an expensive tariff comes on-line.

Wireless communication uses the Zigbee specification to pass the information between the appliances, the smart meter and the Nucleus. Information comes from the meter every15 seconds. Unfortunately, not every smart meter uses Zigbee – each manufacturer is different.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News and Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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Kenmore Connect Makes Appliances Smart

Kenmore‘s  Connect system turns your white goods and household appliances into smart devices. Through either a touchscreen on the device or remote access from a PC, you can see what your refrigerator is doing, how much energy it’s consuming and whether there’s a problem. If there is something up, Kenmore’s technicians can carry out remote diagnosis to see what’s wrong.

Available from 2012 across the Kenmore range.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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Whirlpool Energy Monitoring in Appliances CES 2010

Whirlpool is not only tackling Energy Monitoring in the home, but they also are working to make their appliances smarter in reporting actual usage. Over time all Whirlpool products will give you day to day reporting on energy usage.

In this demo you will see a prototype of what could be in our homes shortly.

Interview by Andy McCaskey @ SDRNews.com

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