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Arrington Officialy Fired – AOL Leaders are Idiots!

I used to get a lot of pleasure in bashing AOL when they would send me literally thousands of CD’s that all ended up in the land-fill. I even told my buddies who had stock in AOL, that they better unload it while the getting was good. Every last one of them wishes today that they had taken my advice as they lost 100’s of thousands of dollars on the stock when the AOL stock collapsed.

So the whole debacle about Mike Arrington, the CrunchFund, Arianna Huffington then Mike’s final ultimatum left AOL with a decision to make. This evening the folks at Fortune say Mike is officially out. You can see the vultures circling from a variety of second rate start-up sites, because these sites have been getting their butts kicked for so long by Mike’s crew, they now see blood in the street and are gonna try and swoop in for the kill.

The next question is how many of the excellent writers at TechCrunch are now gonna bail? We will see how many of them pick a paycheck over loyalty to Mike. My bet is we “will not” see a mass exodus from TechCrunch, but what we will see is that website turn into another piece of crap site that AOL now has editorial controls. Mark my words this decision by AOL is gonna end up being the beginning of the end of AOL as people know it today.

Ohh an lets not forget, that their is the TechCrunch Disrupt event next week, and if Mike is missing from that event, it will likely be it’s last. I am sure the TechCrunch crew are just gonna love working for Arianna Huffington when she peers down at them with her beady eyes and says obey slaves.

GNC-2011-03-15 #655 Thinking of Japan!

I spend some time at the beginning of the show tonight talking about the tragic loss of life and issues facing Japan. I will be participating in a 24hr podcast that will be a fund raiser for the tragedy in Japan. I will have more details on Fridays show. I have an absolute metric ton of tech to go over with you tonight as well hold on its a fast ride. All Family members in Japan are safe, we have not heard from friends in Sendai yet but seeing the communication issues we are not getting nervous yet.

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Nuke Plants and a new look at what is happening in Japan.
Voyager Update.
Flash leaked for Andorid.
Body Scanner Info (Good Read)!
Got your Chest X-ray at Airport yet?

Show Notes:
Our days are Shorter due to Earthquake.
NASA Images of Japan!
Spectral Images of Japan Damage.
Gear Shortage due to Earthquake.
4th Amendment challenge off to court.
Sean Parker to own Warner Music ;) ?
Tagging is Legal.
Net Survives Earthquake.
The Truth cost Blogger $60K!
NASA Priorities.
AT&T DSL capped at 150gb!
PS3 Update Secures it Good!
Court Grants Twitter User Info to Government.
Is Apple playing a Dangerous Game?
TV = Print!
Apple Stores Open Early Today?
ETSY User Purchasing Info Revealed.
Blogger Update.
Tablet Camera Shoot Out!
Apple Roll in Japan.
Congress to Legislate Search Results?
Apps Apps Apps SXSW????
Scobles SXSW App Pick.
Twitter Bites the hand that feeds them!
A day in North Korea.
iPad 2 Outperforms Macbook Pro!
Microsoft Not telling whole truth about IE9!
NO IE9 for Windows XP!
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 5 yrs at mars.
Arriving at Mercury!
Price Jacked up on Rides to ISS!
Illegal Domain Seizures reasons!
Police not nice to Seized hardware.
SXSW Idiocy.
Is Clearwire Throttling you?
March Madness Calendar.
Is Facebook no better than AOL?
Emergency Solar Power Generation.
SXSW Live Schedule.
Airplay is Useful Now.
Windows Remote Streaming.
Office 15 Screenshots.
Time Warner iPad TV Channel Streamer.
Zune Hardware Dead.
IE9 Launch #1
IE9 Launch 2.
Boxee using Apple Playbook!
Streamtome Mac App Store Software!
Got your Chest X-Ray Today?

GNC-2011-03-11 #654 Tsunami Inbound!

The massive earthquake hits Japan just as I start my show, we are under a Tsunami Warning here in Hawaii with first strike due at 3am local. Based on what has happened in Japan it could be bad. The Ohana watching the show live were feeding me information, kinda weird to talk about a live event in which I knew most of you would be listening post show. Needless to say lots of tech to talk about tonight as well.

Note: My home is 1000 feet above sea level we are safe.

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100gb Backbone.

Show Notes:
Jobs digging on Samsung.
Clearwire Class Action Suit.
Planet Protection Officer.
Apple Purchase Policy.
AOL Fires 900.
NYT Editors call us Pirates.
Instapaper 3.0
iPhone App Identifies Bills.
Rover Model.
New Way of Watching TV.
Hide Search Results.
Brain CFL Light.
Customized Figurine.
Disk Storage History.
SuperMoon Joke.
Star Shockwave.
Solar Flare.
Aliens will comes as Machines.
Voyager up to new Tricks!
Near Earth Asteroid.
Mercury Images.
Limewire Settles?
Pirate Roundup.
P2P Uploader Arrested.
iPad Garageband Review.
Flat Scissors.
Sleep Phase Alarm.
See through Hard Drive.
Sheen Using Social Media to make Cash!
Apple TV Live Programming.
Branded Entertainment Spending.
Sand Prices Drop.
New Zealand Interactive Disaster Map.
Ink for all my Friends.
Clearwire CEO Quits.
FCC to Arrest Cell Phone Jammers.
ISS is Complete?
Sony 3G Camera.
Control-Alt-Delete Origin.
New Fuel Advances.
VMware App.
Winamp for Android.
iOS 4.3 Sync Issues?
Motorola Xoom Mod.

GNC-2011-02-07 #645 Back from Chicago!

Fresh back from the Windy City! The snow and cold weather was ok for a couple of days, but I prefer 80 and cool trade winds. Lots of great tech to cover tonight.. I have some great opportunity to someone that would like to underwrite the show for a couple of episodes, drop me a line if your interested. I should be in Hawaii over the next couple of weeks so it will be great to get back into a regular rhythm for the show production.

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Listener Links
360 View of Sun.
Fishing Net to pick up Space Junk?

Show Notes:
Older IT workers hurt the worst.
Privatization of the Shuttle?
Girl Friend Revenge.
EFF says FCC Net Neutrality Bad news!
Righthaven suing without using DMCA provisions.
Judge bans flyer handouts?
Terrorist Watch List Abuse.
Doug Kaye back from Egypt.
Hoarding Light Bulbs?
Can Anyone Listen?
Confession Application.
Comet Close Encounter.
Private Space Innovators.
Navy Stealth Plane makes Maiden Flight.
Mars Massive Hole in the Ground.
Calling ET Dilemma.
T-Mobile Free Phones on Valentines Day.
Honeycomb Tablet Website Live.
Gmail Priority Inbox comes to Mobile.
Firefox Road Map.
Huffington Post goes for 315 Million?
Darth Vader Wins!
Roku USB Port Open.
Sprint Kyocera dual Screen Mobile.
Samsung Upgraded Powershots!
Twitter Wins Super Bowl Traffic
Salt and Pepper Switch.
Doctor Ear buds.
New Blood Pressure Cuff.
Water Resist your iPhone.
Facebook Killing Marriages.
Pirating breakdown.
Greece Arresting File Sharing Site Owners.
Domain Protection Advice.
Revenge with Snow Blower.
Android 3.0 Video Editor.
Software by Download Only?
Last.FM no longer free.
FCC and Universal Service Fund.
More Denial of Service Attacks.
FBI and NASDAQ hack attacks.
XOOM no Wifi without Activation.
Reverse class action Lawsuits.
WiFi Stats.
AT&T iPhone Carrot.
UPS batteries disposal/re-cycle.
Sandy Bridge Chips shipping again.
Sun in 3d.
67% want Interactive TV.
Cord Cutters Percentages.
Google Exec Free in Egypt.
Astronaut to Fly Mission.
UFO in Israel?
UFO in Utah?

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Facebook: Are We Going Backward

On Monday Facebook will be making a special announcement, the latest rumor is that they are going to be announcing an email program that is run through Facebook. If this rumor is true, then to me this is a step backward to the walled gardens of yesterday. If you’ve were on the Internet in the 1990’s and early 2000’s then you remember AOL at its height. You would get the disk in the mail pop it in your computer and you were in the AOL universe. Want the news sure you could have it as long as it was what AOL said was the news. Entertainment no problem as long as you wanted what AOL had to offer. For a long time this was the Web to a lot of people. It was safe and seemed to have everything you wanted. Of course those who were computer savvy knew that the Web was a whole lot larger and the Web itself was only a small part of the the larger Internet. AOL was just one room in a house standing in the middle of a huge world. Once people knew that there was a larger web out there then AOL felt like a prison rather then a garden. Happily with the explosive growth of broadband and the decline of dialup the AOL walled garden broke down and the Web opened up for most people

To me Facebook is rebuilding that walled garden and many people are happy to play all day in that garden. There seems to be everything you need there games, music, news video and according to the rumors starting soon email. Everything you could want, except what happens when or if you want to leave, how easy is it to get or stuff back, your pictures, your videos. Or God forbid you get banned from Facebook, which can happen and does. Many times the person who is banned doesn’t know why and it can take awhile to correct the problem. Meanwhile you can’t get to anything on Facebook, image if this happened and your email was in Facebook. I realize this is a bit of dooms day talk, but it does happen.

I want to make it clear I not against Facebook, I use it all the time to keep up with my family and friends. However I make sure that when I add something to Facebook, like a picture or video I also upload them to my own Web site, which I own. It’s important that you have a place that you own for the important things you put on line. If you can’t afford a Web site then at least upload your pictures and videos to multiple sites. Also make sure there is a way to get the media back if you want to leave a site. What ever happens Monday I’m sure it will be the talk of both the tech world and the social media world. It will be interesting to watch.

edirol r-09hr


GNC-2010-06-17 #585 Headed for Honolulu

Ok Headed for Home Saturday morning. We are having a meetup tonight at Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Rochester all welcome i’m buying dinner. I have had a lovely time here in up state NY and look forward to coming back. Was much more than I anticipated. Look forward to being home and back in the Studio for a while. Join me live from Honolulu on Monday evening.. Big thank you to all the new and contributing insiders.

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600k iPhones Ordered!
512 gb SSD Drive!
Verizon iPhone still on?
Upgrade iTunes!
Don’t move your Xbox.
YouTube Video Editing!
SpaceX to Launch Iridium Satellites.
Safari Extensions.
FCC Makes First Move on Net Neutrality.
Are you a Gov’t Employee? Read!
California GPS Tracking Utter Failure!
Insanity in Patent Protection!
AT&T Metered Bandwidth Testing Complete?
RIAA has fake Canadian Site.
Soyuz to ISS.
Belkin Conserve (Green).
Clearwire has new Devices.
Space Sail outbound.
Get free charger with Chevy Volt?
Sharpest Deep Space image from Earth.
No World Cup for You.
Silicon Valley is to Expensive.
Searching Twitter Lists.
WordPress 3.0.
Hotmail versus Gmail.
AT&T Locks down Android Phone.
Looking for Spring 4g Locations?

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GNC-2009-11-24 #530 Lots of Action on this Show!

I had lot’s of fun on this show.. Pile of things to cover. I am headed to Texas next week so will be taking the show on the road. I will be doing a Thanksgiving evening show so if your full of Turkey and still awake, I will try and knock out a show earlier in the evening Hawaii time. Drive safe and have a great holiday! Your trials of our sponsors products and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Bing and Newscorp to shutout Google?
Father of Chinese Space program dead.
Hackers steal electronic data from top climate research center.
Video of Hadron Collider Firing Up.
The Current State of Windows Mobile.
Apple Better Ease Up At The Guard Shack.

Show Notes:
We are still here no big bang!
How GotoMyPC saved me last week!
Photoshop App now on Android!
Serious iPhone worm for Jailbroken handsets!
Apple Exec makes excuses for iPhone App Store Process.
Is Apple Evil or Not?
Spotify no works on Symbian Phones.
Firefox and Mozilla Foundation appear to be doing good.
Roku adds Limited content from Select Partners?
Apple deals now and on Friday!
Windows 8 Roadmap.
Telcos mad at Harvard Berkman Center?
1000 Mph Speed Attempt!
Is Adobe doing enough about Security?
The Evil Empire Strikes back at Verizon :)
Man Not in Coma just Paralyzed for 23 years!
Prepare for Cyber Monday.
New PogoPlug!
AOL had some kids in for new Logo Design.
Windows 7 Security!
Intel I9 Six Cores
Drobo Goes Enterprise.
Apple makes Single Use Monitor?
ISS work goes Great!
Bing to buy Fox Traffic?
This is what I want for Christmas (Not).
AT&T Data Connect Day Pass!
Radiation repairs eyes in Blind!
Target Black Friday Ad.
Newegg Black Friday Ad.
Walmart Black Friday Ad.
Sewell Display Link Adapter good Reviews.
Altona Wireless VGA.
New Sony Pro XDCAM
Full or Partial feeds you be the Judge.
Browser Compatibility Web testers.
Chrome Extensions Coming Soon!
New Facebook Worm!
Wikipedia Loosing Free Help.
What are you doing with Ssesmic?
Smoking Voids Apple Warranty!
Gmail Creator says email not going anywhere soon.
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