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Amazon is Ending Support for Underground Actually Free Program

Amazon announced that they are going to discontinue the Underground Actually Free program, which began in August of 2015. Amazon didn’t really provide a specific reason why they are ending it.

Amazon will no longer accept new app and game submissions for the Underground Actually Free program as of May 31, 2017.

In the announcement, Amazon states that existing Amazon Underground developers can continue to get paid for every minute that customers spend in their Amazon Underground apps, as provided by their developer agreement. Amazon Underground developers can also continue to submit and publish updates to their existing apps until 2019.

Access to the Underground Actually Free store through Amazon’s Appstore for Android devices will end in the summer of 2017. All support for the program will end in 2019.

Until then, current Fire tablet customers can continue to enjoy previously installed Underground apps and access the Underground Actually Free store. There is a limitation, however. Fire tablet access to the Underground store will not extend beyond currently supported devices. Amazon customers will continue to have access to the Amazon Underground app to shop for physical goods and access Prime Video content, and can enjoy previously installed Underground Actually Free apps.