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Toddygear: A Fashionable Cleaning Cloth

Todd Cochrane and Tom Newman talked to Todd Gable founder & CEO of Toddy Gear. Toddy Gear is a fashionable microfiber cloth. It can be used to clean a tablet or smart phone screen. It is a double sided cloth. On one side is a silk microfiber with various artistic patterns and on the other is a plush microfiber material. It is machine washable and the anti-micro-bile coating doesn’t come off.

There are several lines, the one for men is called Hottie Tottie, the women’s line is called Chic E. Boutiquee. There is even a girl’s line called Misbehave. They also will make cloths with a company brand on it. It is $14.95 per cloth and is available through the Toddy Website, and at the Verizon store,

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central. andTom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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Aigo a Wireless Portable Mouse Solution

Andy McCasky visited the Aigo booth at CES 2011 and got to take a look at the Aigo Travel/Storage Mouse. As he mentioned most mice are bulky, making them difficult to travel with. What makes this mouse unique is its size. This mouse was created specifically to be used as a travel mouse. It is small only 10mm thick and weights less than 25 grams. It runs on a 5 volt LED battery which can be recharged through USB.You use just two fingers on the mouse to move the cursor where you want. Since the mouse itself stays still you can use it on any surface no matter how rough or soft.

It uses a micro SD card which allows it to connect to a computer via BlueTooth. The Aigo Storage Mouse is available now for $30.00. Aigo is also going to be introducing a compact travel keyboard. The keyboard is the shape and size of a calculator and also connects through Bluetooth. The keyboard is not yet available and pricing has not been determined. If you do a lot of traveling and are looking for a compact mouse that you can stick that doesn’t use a lot of space, then you may want to take a look at the Aigo Storage Mouse.

Interview by Andy McCasky from SDR News

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GNC-2011-01-24 #642 Under Doctors Orders!

Share with you some details that has been affecting the show and what I am doing about it. I also announce a new underwriter program for the show listen to find out how you can become an underwriter and get exposure on the show. I have a pile of stuff for you today all of it hot of the press.

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NASA remembers space heroes!
Big Hubble Announcement on Wed 1pm EST.
WOW Orion Nebula!
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Sleep Cycle get it Squared.
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Fastmac U-Sockets.
House Legislation going after extending surf history
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Facebook Credits to rock gaming world.
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