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Highrise a new webbased CRM platform

HighriseWhen a business and all the companies associates are all located under one roof it is very easy to install and maintain a sophisticated CRM system. With todays mobile workforce along with startups who’s workforce is often spread across multiple states and countries it can be a challenge to keep track of who everyone is talking to and what the status of a follow up may be.

Fear no more because Highrise is a new web based CRM platform that allows all of the information that is often shared in a stand alone system to be shared across an entire company via the Internet.

On a quick look at the service I was pretty impressed and will be migrating some of my team onto it. The service is worthy a look, I still have to analyse features to see if the per person cost is at the right price break. from 37Signals.

Tools for Virtual Team

At the bottom of this post I am going to link you over to a post that has a list of tools that teams like RawVoice that are spread out all over the country can use to to work interactively online.

While the list is pretty good one thing that they missed is Virtual Phone Systems like GotVMail which allows a company to have a sophisticated PBX/Voicemail system.

I would love to hear from others on what kind of virtual collaboration tools they are using as well.

Do you want Google Managing all your Mail?

Google has announced that users of Gmail, will soon be able to retrieve mail from  up to five other accounts. Those that are totally in love with web based mail may like this, but I still download all of my Gmail into Outlook and very rarely login to Gmail itself.

This feature has been requested for a long time and I know that Hotmail allowed you to do this as well. I already use rules within outlook to manage my multiple e-mail accounts so until Gmail brings more outlook like features to the service, I cannot see using them to manage all my mail.

What do you think? Would you prefer to have Gmail pull up to 5 other accounts email into your Gmail account? [TechCrunch]

Windows Live Writer

I have been expermenting today with various Blog writting applications. I think I am the most pleased with BlogJet which I have used for a number of years. It has been the easiest to manipulate the graphics within post. The only thing though that I do like about Windows Live Writter is that I am able to to put tags in the post. This is something that BlogJet is missing.

Movies Available for Download And DVD?

The word out is that it is possible that Apple will offer movies that can be downloaded and burned onto a DVD. This could be part of a reason for the delay in the iTunes movie store debut. The DVD Copy Control Association is the one hurdle that Apple has faced in their pursuit of the copying of movies to disc. The DVD Copy Control Association has the Content Scrambling System(CSS) which is placed on DVDs to prevent illegal copying. There is also a rumor that blank DVDs might be made with the CSS system in place.

It sounds like you’ll need this special kind of blank disc for this to happen. But it also is pretty clear that this is not near the end and there will be some more discussion on the legal side of such a task as this. has the story on their homepage.

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Hotmail blocking E-mail!

Well I have been fielding e-mails from people voting at the 2006 People’s Choice Podcast Awards, seems Hotmail thinks the verification e-mail we are sending is spam and has blocked all e-mail coming from the domain.

This happened last year as well, I understand companies trying to protect their customers from spamming but we are 100% in compliance in all e-mail we have sent, yet they are blocking every last single piece of mail. Now imagine if Hotmail decided to start blocking e-mail from your customers how mad would you be.

This is one service I will never ever use again. Good luck getting removed from their block list it is nearly impossible unless you want to pay some company a $100,000 a year to make sure all of your e-mail is delivered, this is beyond criminal.