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Pentium Computers Vulnerable to Attack?

This one is gonna blow your socks off, now we not only have to worry about software attacks, we now have to worry about hardware hacks that if exploited correctly and distributed to bring a large portion of the worlds computers to it’s knee’s. It will interesting to see what the Intel folks say. I guess it is time to go inventory how many Intel machines we have and how many AMD machines we have.

Only time will tell if this report pans out but oh man these folks are getting clever. This does not just effect Windows machines in fact the commentary indicates that unix based machines are very susceptible. [Slashdot]

So you want to run OSX on the Intel Based PC on your Desk?

That’s right my geek friends have a spare computer laying around and I think you could have yourself a weekend of fun loading Apple OSX (Developers Edition) on your Intel based PC that you have stored in a closet. May be a bit buggy but it sure will be a lot of fun to show it off to the geek next door who just purchased a dual processor G5. [Extreme Tech]

Rub it in a little and install the build on a high end Pentium 4 that you got for $500.00

Apple probably sued Bloggers to keep lid on Intel deal!

Companies will go to great lengths to protect their bottom lines. Just yesterday I was getting my twice monthly Shiatsu session and I was talking with the gentleman that has allowed me to live with less pain. He had a brand new powerbook sitting their, and I asked him what he thought about the Intel deal. His comment was, if I had known they were going to do this I would have waited a year.

I am hearing this comment a lot, and I am sure that Apple will have slower sales in the notebook arena till the next generation of power books are sitting in Apple stores with Intel inside.

Getting back to the point, an article on Infoworld is speculating that Apple did their gestapo tactics to keep the lid on the Intel deal. It was a warning across the bow, you talk about the deal and we will smash you, because we need to make sure that our stock holders get some return on their investment before we make this announcement, which will have sales going south on the powerbook front. [Infoworld]