An Unauthorized Fox News Account Is On Truth Social

Fox News sounds like the kind of company that would want to be on Truth Social. It tends to provide information in a way that attracts people who are conservative. It has a history of being extremely supportive of former President Trump. Axios reported a verified Fox News account appeared on Truth Social. The strange thing is, Fox News was unaware of it.

Just days after a verified account for Fox News appeared on former President Trump’s social media app, Truth Social, a Fox News spokesperson says the network has nothing to do with the account.

Axios posted a screenshot of the Fox News account on Trump Social next to a screenshot of a post by Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes. The Fox News account has the Fox News name and logo. Devin Nunes wrote: “Great to have RSS feed for @FoxNews now LIVE here on TRUTH! This adds to @OAN and @NewsMax”.

According to Axios, the post by Devin Nunes has been taken down. A Fox News spokesperson told Axios, “We are not on Truth Social.”

So, what’s going on? Intelligencer reported that Truth Social has been trying to cultivate an air of legitimacy by creating pages for various media and sports brands, including @NFL, @FoxSports, and @ESPN. Though these accounts appear real, with official-looking names and logos, none were set up by the brands themselves.

Axios reported that real looking accounts for TMZ, NASA, and NASCAR have existed on Truth Social for months and are often promoted to new users. None are verified. Each has a small BOT disclaimer on their accounts. According to Axios, if you click the disclaimer, it reveals more. “This account is an RSS feed aggregating bot, and is not managed or affiliated with the referenced news outlet.”

Something is still fishy here. It appears that the Fox News account on Truth Social is the only RSS bot that is not labeled with the BOT disclaimer and the only bot that has been given a verified checkmark. A Fox News spokesperson claims the network has nothing to do with the account. This makes me wonder how many of the other bot accounts are running without the knowledge of the companies who own those logos and trademarks.

A quick Google search shows that it is possible to make an RSS bot that can be used to aggregate the content of one Twitter account. My best guess is that Truth Social is pulling content from Twitter via RSS bots. To me, this indicates that Truth Social is having difficulty convincing big companies to join its platform.