Mimi Hearing Technologies Fosters Hearing Health at CES 2022

Mimi Hearing Technologies, the global leader in hearing wellbeing, will use the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show to demonstrate its latest sound personalization technologies and discuss future innovations to improve audio experiences while also protecting hearing wellbeing at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show.

Mimi develops and licenses science-based hearing enhancement technology to B2B customers including electronic device manufacturers, streaming providers and hearing aid companies. Mimi’s Sound Personalization technology works by assessing the listener’s hearing ability in minutes with the Mimi Hearing Test. After the test, a Hearing ID is created and the patented audio processing automatically adapts all audio in real-time. Once completed, the listener’s Hearing ID is stored in the device, adjusting the sound to the user’s unique hearing profile whenever they listen. As a result, more sounds become audible again, and details otherwise lost are restored, creating a more immersive and intelligible audio experience.

The company finished 2021 on a strong note, closing a $25 million round of Series B funding led by MIG Capital in a consortium of German family offices and existing shareholders, and announcing several new industry and product partnerships.

Most recently Mimi Sound Personalization has been integrated into the following products:

Skullcandy’s Grind Fuel Earbuds offers premium features like Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology that allow hands-free voice control and Personal Sound powered by Mimi, for a customizable audio experience.

Cleer Audio’s new Ally Plus II, true wireless earbuds will offer users in the United States the ability to assess their hearing health and enjoy an enhanced listening experience through Mimi Sound Personalization.

CEVA will bring Mimi’s advanced hearing IP to its Bluebud wireless audio platform and help lower the entry barrier for the development of assistive hearables and TWS headphones.

Goertek, with Mimi Hearing Technologies, will provide a mass market solution to enhance performance and enable sound personalization for its customers in the audio market.

“Mimi Hearing Technologies’ mission from the start has been to make people’s health the main focus of their listening experience,” said Phillipp Skirbanowitz, Mimi CEO. “This is a huge market — we estimate more than 92 million assistive hearables will ship in 2024 and anticipate smart hearable technology will be adopted by the majority of TWS earbuds and headsets, further opening up the market for sound personalization software. This market is going to grow very, very quickly, and is ripe for change.”

Visit Mimi Technologies at CES 2022 Venetian and Palazzo, Hospitality Suites Booth # 3141