nfant Unveils Smart Baby Feeding System at CES 2022

nfant, the leading provider of FDA-approved smart feeding solutions to pediatric hospitals, revealed the first home-based smart infant feeding solution at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“The nfant Thrive Feeding System applies cutting-edge smart technology that takes baby feeding from guesswork to a science,” said nfant co-founder and CEO Tommy Cunningham, Ph.D. “It will provide moms, dads and caregivers with expert guidance to optimize baby feeding and their care providers with timely analytics to measure thriving and development over the critical first year of life.”

The nfant Thrive Feeding System will support either bottle or breastfeeding. The bottle uses specially designed high-quality nipples with a sensor that measures baby-feeding activity. The sensor output is conveyed via Bluetooth to a smartphone app showing mothers and care providers exactly how the baby is feeding and responds to changes in nipple flow or feeding position. For breastfeeding, silicon pads are placed on the breast during feeding connect to the nfant Smart Sensor and Tracker App to convey real-time data on feeding activity and volume consumed.

“Feeding is most complex skill a baby must master and offers the first insights into a baby’s brain and development says nfant co-founder and nationally recognized feeding expert Gilson Capilouto, Ph.D. “Over 25% of mothers experience feeding issues; nfant provides hard evidence to optimize the baby’s feeding experience and monitor progress.”

Since receiving FDA clearance in 2015, the professional nfant Feeding Solution has been used in the NICUs of over 50 leading pediatric hospitals across the U.S., reflecting emerging consensus that objective assessment of feeding ability during a hospital stay may help identify infants at risk for delay in discharge or readmission. nfant has also been used by leading academic researchers, with clinical results featured in over two dozen peer-reviewed journal articles.

The bottle version of the nfant Thrive Feeding System, along with the full line of nfant Control Flow Nipples and the integrated nfant Thrive Tracker App will be will be available for purchase by early spring 2022. The breast sensor version will be added to the product suite during the second half of the year.

Visit nfant at CES in the Venetian Expo Hall, Level 2, Booth #54950.