Virility Medical to Enhance Sexual Wellbeing with FDA Clearance for Skin Patch at CES 2022

Virility Medical, a consumer healthcare company specializing in sexual wellbeing, will showcase the world’s first and only FDA cleared wearable skin patch scientifically engineered to delay ejaculation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas (Booth # 8248).

The Virility Patch is a revolutionary, drug free, clinically proven skin patch designed to prolong sexual intercourse and enhance men’s natural physiological sexual performance. The medically-backed patch is effective immediately, allowing for sexual spontaneity.

“The Virility Patch creates a paradigm shift in sexual wellbeing, prolonging time until ejaculation and fulfilling the desire to last longer during sexual intercourse,” said Tal Gollan, founder of Virility Medical. “The patch improves a man’s time to climax, creating a better outcome for couples.”

Gollan continued, “Every physical action in the body, including ejaculation, has muscles associated with it. Our technology enhances men’s ability to contract the pelvic-floor muscles and postpone ejaculation by delivering transcutaneous neuromuscular stimulation. The core technology of the patch exists and has been used safely in consumer applications for years.”

The Virility Patch will be available for purchase in low and high intensity options beginning in the Fall of 2022. The discreet, disposable patch is designed from flexible polymeric materials, and conforms to the local anatomy. For product availability news, please subscribe for updates on the Virility website: