OnTracks Introduces GuideWatches Gloves at CES 2019

OnTracks, a French startup, announced its intuitive solution designed especially for motorcycles and cycle gloves at CES 2019. The GuideWatches guide through vibrations anyone who uses a two-wheeler to reach their destination, without taking any risks by checking their smartphone while in urban mobility.

GuideWatches were created by onTracks for outdoor sportsmen in order to facilitate their life and to guarantee them a safer adventure. These are the first connected watches that allow following itinerary without checking the map on “intrusive” vocal orders of the GPS.

Phillipe Leca, CEO and Founder of onTracks said: “We have already bracelets compatible with GuideWatches that can work either like regular watches or specifically on the upper side of the hands. Integrating them into the gloves was this one step further that we have crossed, thanks to professional glove makers who want to innovate.”

OnTracks is for all the enthusiasts of outdoor activities (jogging, mountain biking, hiking, trail), as well as those who use their bike or motorcycle daily.

The user wears two watches (one on each wrist) and connects them with the onTracks app in their smartphone. The onTracks community suggests a wide selection of tracks to the users, according to their habits, performances and current location.

The users chooses their itinerary, clicks on “GO”, and then puts the phone into their pocket and allows themselves to be guided. When the user needs to turn right, the right bracelet vibrates and indicates the order. As soon as there is a left turn, the left bracelet vibrates, providing the necessary information.

The GuideWatch gloves have the bracelet attached to glove itself, which means the GuideWatch gloves function just like the bracelets do.

The GuideWatches will be commercialized in 2019 in stores specialized for outdoor activities, electronics, mobility and their e-Store.

Visit onTracks at CES 2019 in Eureka Park Booth # 50017.