Is Social Media Making us Sick?

social mediaOver the past six months, I have really tried to limit my non-work utilization of Social Media. I found in a way that it was making me sick, both physically and mentally. I found myself sometimes feeling actually sick to my stomach and most definitely causing me to be moody.

I tried clearing putting friends on snooze or unfollowing them all together as there was this underlying anger and ongoing small snipes here and there. Frankly, most of the conversations were not conducive. I will admit that it is very hard to take a break and still find my time on Facebook more than it should be.

Facebook has become the crack for tech-addicted geeks like me. I know I should not be on it but cannot help myself to take another hit. My business requires me to monitor up to a half dozen groups where customers go first for help often times versus visiting the support page to get a professional from my team to help them.

Frankly its all frustrating and one thing I have made a commitment to, is coming back to the blog here at Geek News Central where I have full control to go on full blast mode about these types of topics that have been bothering me.

I can only hope that you will join me in taking some breaks from social media so we do not have to hit the facebook crack pipe as often.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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