AirSelfie2 – Aerial Photography Transformed Again at CES 2018

Aerial photography has been transformed once again with today’s announcement of the AirSelfie2, the next generation of the revolutionary, pocket-sized flying camera. The device will feature an enhanced camera, longer battery life and greater memory as well as an upgraded smartphone app, making for the best photo and video experience in its class.

The AirSelfie2 takes all the ground-breaking features of the original AirSelfie and turbocharges them. It will offer a 12-megapixel camera for full HD photo and video, an 85° field of view and a battery life that runs up to 50 percent longer than the original.

The AirSelfie 2, which will be available for purchase in March 2018, comes in four colors: silver, black, gold, and rose gold.

Like its predecessor, the AirSelfie 2 is small enough to fit in your pocket, coming in at 3.72” x 2.71” x 0.45”. And it weighs just over two ounces, so you’ll barely notice it’s there. It features anodized aluminum casing, so it’s durable enough to withstand modern life. And with four turbo fans flying it, the AirSelfie2 can travel more than 60 feet from home base. That, combined with a vibration absorption system, ensures users can take great pictures or video from every angle.

The AirSelfie2 also features a 16GB memory – allowing for thousands of pictures or video clips. It connects wirelessly to most with iOS and Android devices, meaning you can upload shots to social media or share them in seconds. And the 85° field of view on the AirSelfie2 means no special lenses or attachments to get the best shot possible.

The AirSelfie2 includes a flying camera, a powerbank for anywhere/anytime recharging, a USB cable for connecting to a computer, an a protective bumper. AirSelfie2 will be available through and select retailers for $299.95.

Visit AirSelfie at CES 2018 LVCC South Hall, Lower Level booth # 26030.