CardLab Features Innovative and Secure Cards at CES 2018

CardLab is a world leading technology supplier for Smart cards. They are happy to present a broad range of technologies that can eliminate card fraud, online fraud, and card skimming.

CardLab’s mission is to eliminate fraud and identity theft and it is possible now using our card solutions. Card theft and abuse of cards can be stopped by using their biometric fingerprint sensor on the cards. It only allows the user to open and use the card.

CardLab’s “Connected Card” platform solves both issues as it allows you to store all your cards, coupons, and other promotional material in your App and have it available at all times, still with the bank level security.

The combination of App and “Connected Card” also allows instant replacement of closed cards by sending virtual cards to the App, which turns into a physical card with the help of the Connected Card communicating with the App.

CardLab Products on Display:

Biometric card with fingerprint sensor and dynamic OTP & CVV:

  • Secure online banking, trading & E-government
  • Unique Block Chain user ID
  • Unique Simultaneous ID and privacy protection
  • GDPR compliance made easy with unique identification and identity protection

RFID Jammer cards:

  • Protection against card skimming
  • Protection against electronic pickpocketing
  • Unique skimming protected ID cards
  • Efficient GDPR compliance and identity protection card

‘All in One” Connected Card solution:

  • Creating a strong customer loyalty platform
  • Use of virtual cars in physical terminals
  • Instant issuance of replacement cards / no costs
  • Customer convenient card and effective fraud detection tool.

RFID protection MuteCard:

  • Multiple contactless cards skimming protection
  • Personal RFID data protection
  • RFID field detection card
  • Efficient and unique skimming protection card.

Visit CardLab at CES 2018 in the Smart Cities Hall – European Smart Tech Booth #1519 to see and learn more about Cardlab’s new and innovative card solutions.