TarDisk Pear is the World’s First Plug-and-Play Hyperdrive

TarDisk logoAre you a MacBook user? If your MacBook was made since 2012, you may have noticed that it is not possible to upgrade it. You cannot simply open it up and put in a new hard drive. What can you do when you have run out of space? TarDisk has an excellent solution. The TarDisk Pear is the world’s first plug-and-play hyperdrive.

The TarDisk Pear is designed only for Mac. (It is not compatible with Windows computers). The TarDisk Pear merges its fast flash memory with a MacBook’s internal hard drive. It essentially creates a hyperdrive that automatically manages file allocation. The TarDisk Pear is meant to be a permanent installation. They do not recommend unplugging it while it is installed.

Slide the TarDisk Pear into the SDXC port on your MacBook. It will sit completely flush with the edge of your MacBook. The TarDisk Pear has an aluminum enclosure that matches a MacBook. It doesn’t stick out – physically or visually.

The TarDisk Pear comes in two varieties. The lower model gives you 120 GB and is priced at $148.00. The premiere model gives you 256 GB and is priced at $399.00.

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