Earin is the New Definition for Wireless Audio

Earin logoIt is nice to be able to listen to music while commuting, traveling, or exercising. Typical earbuds can make that frustrating, though, especially if the cord gets tangled or the ear buds won’t stay in. Earin has solved that problem with wireless ear buds that were designed for audio.

Daniel stopped by the Earin booth at CES Showstoppers 2016 to learn more about the Earin wireless ear buds. They are truly wireless. One ear bud acts as a master and transmits audio over to the other ear bud via Bluetooth. This gives the listener a comfortable, convenient, way to listen to music in stereo. Each ear bud weighs 3.5 grams.

Earin wireless earbuds

Each ear bud has comply foam (also known as memory foam) that conforms to the listener’s ear. The comply foam is what helps keep the ear buds in place. The ear buds can also be used while exercising. There is an extra stabilizer that can be added to the ear buds to make them an even more secure fit. The comply form also helps seal off external noise.

Place the ear buds into the charging container to charge them. There are three full charges inside the charging container. You can charge the container with standard USB. The recommended retail price for the Earin wireless ear buds is $249.00. They can be purchased through the Earin website or at Best Buy.

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