The iRig Mic Lav Connects 2 Lavalier Microphones

IK MultimediaIK Multimedia has a great solution for podcasters who want to record interviews through their smartphones. The iRig Mic Lav is inexpensive, efficient, and simple to use.

Daniel spoke with Star from IK Multimedia at CES 2016 about the iRig Mic Lav. It is an ultra-affordable and compact professional-quality mobile lavalier microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android. The system lets you daisy chain two lavalier microphones and plug them directly into your phone. It gives you (and the person you interview) actual clip on mics to use.

There is a switch on the iRig Mic Lav that enables you to go straight out to the headphone output or to daisy chain the mics. It is possible to plug in a headphone after you have daisy chained two lavalier mics to the iRig Mic Lav.

The price of iRig Mic Lav single pack is $49.99 The price of the iRig Mic Lav two pack is $79.99 (Each version comes with a carrying case). Both are available now through the IK Multimedia website.

Daniel J. Lewis dares you to get started in podcasting with The Audacity to Podcast.

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