Afilias Brings New TLD’s to Life at CES

Afilias logoI’ve been using the Internet regularly now for almost twenty years. Back in my early days online, nearly all website URLs ended in .com. Sometimes, you’d come across a .net or maybe a .org. But that’s changed dramatically over the last two decades. Now, website owners have a plethora of domain extensions to choose from. But where do all of these .info’s, .mobi’s, and .organic’s come from?

Daniel met up with Roland from Afilias. The two had a fascinating discussion about how Afilias sets up new top-level domains. Daniel poses the question, “What if I want to create a .daniel domain extension?” Roland explains that Afilias would take the request to ICANN (the organization responsible for regulating Internet domain names) along with a paltry (!) $185,000 application fee. Then, ICANN would evaluate the application and make a decision. If ICANN approves the application, Afilias would then help the owner of the new domain extension with things like registration policies, DNS setup, and more.

Daniel J. Lewis dares you to get started in podcasting with The Audacity to Podcast.

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