Flicks Lets You Watch Movies Outdoors

Dashbon logo TwitterHave you ever wanted to watch movies outside during a backyard party or a camping trip? Dashbon, a start up company that makes mobile audio visual products, can turn the idea of outdoor movie watching into a reality. Flicks, the first product from Dashbon, is available now.

Marlo and Todd spoke with CEO of Dashbon, Andrew Lin, at CES 2016. Flicks is an all-in-one, Bluetooth enabled boombox that combines a high-fidelity audio system with a cutting edge 720p HD LED projector. Use it to stream your favorite tunes from your smartphone or to watch movies via HDMI from your smartphone or media devices.

Flicks comes in two models. The 140WH model has a 140Wh built-in lithium-ion battery, 4 hours of movie playtime, 28 hours of Bluetooth music playback, 28 days of standby time, and weighs 6.17 lb (2.8 Kg). The 280WH model has a 280Wh built-in lithium-ion battery, 8 hours of movie playtime, 56 hours of Bluetooth music playback, 56 days of standby time, and weighs 7.72 lb. (3.5 Kg).

Flicks 140WH is priced at $599. Flicks 280WH is priced at $699. Both are available now through Dashbon.com and also through Amazon.

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