360fly Unveils “360fly 4K” Video Camera at CES 2016

Todd Cochrane reports that 360fly 4K360fly is the maker of the world’s only single-lens camera that captures stitchless 360-degree video with interactive and virtual reality viewing capabilities. At CES 2016, they have unveiled the next generation of their popular 360fly camera. The 360fly 4K is a water resistant single-lens, 360-degree video camera with live streaming capabilities and intuitive filming and editing advancements.

360fly 4K adds a powerful new image sensor that quadruples the resolution of the first generation 360fly camera producing 2880×2880, 360-degree 4K quality. Additionally, 360fly 4K will offer the following upgraded and advanced features:

Front-Facing Mode: Not all situations require a 360-degree field of view. During those times, 360fly 4K will allow users to record in a 16:9 aspect ratio at 2560×1440 resolution with a field view of 178×100 degrees (204 diagonal).

Time-Lapse Video Mode: Tell a story in a dramatic fashion by capturing a 360-degree time-lapse video. Users can select 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60-second shutter intervals.

Motion and Audio Detection Mode: 360fly 4K will automatically begin to record based off any movement or sounds. This feature is great in surveillance or monitoring situations.

Accelerometer Activated Record Mode: Not all environments are smartphone friendly, and in those situations 360fly 4K users can activate record mode with a shake of the camera. For instance, a skier without their smartphone may have difficulties pushing the OnePush button with their snow gloves on, so a simple shake of the camera will begin recording.

Telemetry: 360fly 4K features a built-in GPS sensor to tag locations, a barometer/altimeter and accelerometer all powered by an advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. Users can now track altitude, speed and edit this data as an overlay into their 360-degree video content.

OnePush Button Color-Coding: For clearer visibility and mode recognition, 360fly 4K features an enhanced design with additional color-coded lighting around the OnePush button and bottom of the mounting dock.

For professional, commercial, or advanced users looking to live stream 360-degree video, 360fly 4K pairs with its Micro-HDMI accessory base (sold separately) and is able to output a real-time full 360-degree HD video stream – providing a truly differentiated live viewing experience.

Like the original 360fly camera, 360fly 4K comes standard with Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi and has up to two hours of battery life. Also carrying over is the camera’s ability to conveniently share video content direct from the 360fly mobile app to popular social platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Visit 360fly at CES 2016 in Central Hall booth # 10417.

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