Pioneer unveils its vision for car systems at CES

pioneer logoCars are a huge area for entertainment for people, as many of us spend a lot of time in commutes. That’s a time for folks to listen to music, talk radio, audio books, you name it. We need entertainment to pass the time on the roads and, worse, sitting in traffic.

Now Pioneer is using the Consumer Electronics Show to announce its plans for smarter, better car entertainment and more.

“Pioneer today unveils its advanced automotive technologies that can be integrated into the next evolution of the industry to support Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, and other vehicle systems. Demonstrations will include an In-Vehicle Contextual Awareness Cockpit with Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Communication and Laser Head-up Display (HUD), as well as 3D Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) system for vehicles”, the electronics maker says.

This is more than just entertainment though. There’s also help for drivers such as lane detection. Onboard cameras, laser heads-up display, vehicle location and more.

You can check all of this out this week if you happen to be at CES in Las Vegas.