Fibrum Demonstrates the Next Stage of Virtual Reality at CES 2016

FibrumFibrum an international Virtual Reality company with over 4.3M downloads of its VR apps and games, is presenting its global platform for Virtual Reality where users and developers from all over the world can experience the highest quality of VR content. They will demonstrate the next stage of virtual reality at CES 2016.

Fibrum will showcase its innovative platform, that has the largest number of VR apps available. They have a total of 22 apps in the AppStore, on Google Play and in Windows. These apps allow users to turn their phones into VR devices through Fibrum’s extensive library of mobile VR games and applications that are available for the most popular mobile platforms, and worldwide through the dedicated Fibrum store.

The apps also allow gamers who play PC games to turn any game into an immersive VR experience using Fibrum’s unique streaming capabilities. The apps give global developers the ability to download Fibrums free SDK to create VR games and applications on their own.

Fibrum’s proprietary headset provides exceptional VR content in HD quality and a larger angle of view than its competitors – 110 degrees versus the typical 70 degrees – for superior game play and a truly immersive VR experience. Fibrum’s headsets also have special lenses that allow users with poor eyesight to have a clear picture in virtual reality (from -5 to +5 variance). Users can also play Fibrum’s extensive VR game library with their own headsets as Fibrum’s content is compatible with any other VR headsets.

Visit Fibrum at Booth # 81534 (Eureka Park Marketplace), Sands Hall G at CES 2016.