Trove is Shutting Down

Trove says FarewellTrove is a news aggregator that collected stories from thousands of sources, including the big publications and smaller niche blogs. Readers were able to pick the stories that were considered to be the most share-worthy. It functioned like a community of people who were picking out, and sharing, news that interested them.

Trove recently posted a blog titled “Goodbye from Trove”. The blog post said that the Trove team has been integrated with SocialCode. and its corresponding apps will be shutting down, forever, on December 16, 2015.

SocialCode posted their own blog which stats that the Trove team will be integrated into the SocialCode team. It also says:

Specifically, we will integrate Trove’s technology and engineering, design, business operations and product teams to accelerate the development of software and services to deliver large-scale advertising campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.