Jewelbot Bracelets Teach Girls How to Code

Jewelbots logoFriendship bracelets have been a popular item for girls for decades. When I was a kid, I spent time carefully braiding embroidery floss so I could give the finished friendship bracelets to my BFFs.

Today’s girls can enjoy the modern version of the friendship bracelet. It’s called Jewelbots, and its Kickstarter campaign has 27 days to go.

Jewelbots do more than let the whole class know that you have a best friend. They can actually teach girls to code! Out of the box, the Jewelbots can flash or buzz when it detects that friends are nearby, and it can be used to send secret messages to those friends.

Girls that want more from their Jewelbot can make that happen by learning how to code. Jewelbots are open source and can do anything a girl imagines it doing – so long as she figures out how to code it.

The bracelets come in ten different colors. The Jewelbot fits onto a bracelet. It looks like a cute flower design. The Jewelbot needs to be paired with a phone via Bluetooth in order for it to work. That same app can be used to modify the behavior of their Jewelbot. The app is free and compatible for both Android and iOS.

To start with, a girl can choose to make her Jewelbot light up, vibrate, or do both. She can choose if the light should flash, pulse, or spiral. Once she figures that out, she can use what she learned to have her Jewelbot do more things. Some suggestions include: indicating when she has a like on Instagram, or a message on Facebook, to send SMS, to get a weather update, or even to notify her parents about something.

The coolest thing about Jewelbots is that it gets girls interested in basic engineering logic and lets her collaborate about it with her friends. These friendship bracelets can inspire girls to get into STEM fields (at an age when many girls start dropping out of STEM).