You Can Now Share Your Block List on Twitter

Twitter logoTwitter has been making changes that are designed to make the social media website a nicer, safer, place to interact with others. In April, it made policy changes that enabled Twitter users to report harassment that was happening to someone else. (Previously, users could only report harassment if it was happening to them). Now, Twitter will let users share their block list with others.

The purpose this new change is to help make Twitter safer. Anyone can choose to share their block list with another Twitter user. The new feature “makes blocking multiple accounts easy, fast, and community driven”. Twitter describes it this way:

Mute and block are tools to help you control your Twitter experience. While many users find them useful, we also recognize that some users – those who experience high volumes of unwanted interactions on Twitter – need more sophisticated tools. That’s where this new feature comes in. You can now export and share your block lists with people in your community facing similar issues or import another user’s block list into your own account and block multiple users all at once, instead of blocking them individually.

In addition, Twitter users will be able to manage their list of imported blocked accounts separately from their own full list of blocked accounts. Twitter has some easy to follow directions that will teach people how to use this new feature.