BeWell Brings Smart Thermometers And More To CES

bewell When you’re under the weather, it can be a pain to get up and go to the doctor’s office. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do a basic check-up from the comfort of your own home? BeWell Connect, a division of Visiomed, is a brand that’s dedicated to helping you do just that.

Jamie talked to Dr. Francois Teboul, Medical Director at Visiomed, about one of several new products his company debuted at CES this year– the ThermoFlash thermometer. The ThermoFlash thermometer allows you to take someone’s temperature without having to touch them and risk catching their illness yourself. Just place the thermometer over your temple and it will read your temperature and compare it with the temperature of the atmosphere around you to give an accurate reading.

The $100 connected ThermoFlash device can connect to your smartphone to give you more information and advice with the accompanying app. A non-connected version is also available for $60-70. The ThermoFlash and many other healthcare devices can be found at BeWell’s website.

Interview by Jamie Davis of Health Tech Weekly.

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