RCA Introduces the “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna at CES

RCA logoRCA is the original pioneer of color television and antenna technologies. They continue to challenge consumers to “cut the cord”. Their “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna can help you to do that.

The “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna is superior in UHF performance as well as optimized for VHF high use frequency. This allows consumers to receive free local news, sports, weather, and popular TV show broadcasts and to break from expensive cable subscription bills.

RCA AIR UltraThin AntennaThis antenna takes things to the next level. The “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna has adapted market leading reception technology for consumer amplification with a double sided/layered reception element to maximize and strengthen broadcast signals. The element is the portion of the antenna that is responsible for receiving the signal (much like “rabbit ears”).

However, in the “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna, the elements are not visible. This highly intricate antenna is double layered where signals broadcast on the same frequency allowing them to strengthen each other, rather than cancel each other out.

RCA AIR UltraThin Antenna in useLike other RCA models, the “AIR” Ultra-Thin Antenna uses SmartBoost amplification to strengthen week signals and deliver purer channel quality making it easier for the consumer to tune in. SmartBoost provides just the right amount of amplification to let consumer watch their favorite shows from NBC, CBS, ABC and other broadcast networks.

Visit RCA at Booth # 10406 in the Central Hall at CES 2015.