Twitter Makes it Easier to Report Harassment

Twitter logoTwitter has begun rolling out changes that are intended to make your Twitter experience safer. It has become very clear that Twitter needed to make improvements that would prevent people from continually harassing other Twitter users. The new changes include improvements to the “block” feature and an easier way to report harassment and abuse.

Twitter posted a blog that described some of the changes. They are making the reporting process more mobile-friendly, making it require less initial information, and making it simpler for people to flag both tweets and entire Twitter accounts for review.

The part that I feel is especially noteworthy is this: “These enhancements similarly improve the reporting process for those who observe abuse but aren’t receiving it directly”. This is huge! Once this rolls out, you will be able to help protect and defend your friends and loved ones who use Twitter if they become the target of a series of harassing or abusive tweets.

In addition, Twitter says that they have made some “behind-the-scenes” improvements that are designed to help them review reported Tweets and accounts. It is described as “the first of several” improvements to the tools and processes they use.

Another new change is the addition of a brand new “blocked accounts page”. It will be accessible through your settings. This new page shows you the Twitter accounts that you have blocked. I like this because it prevents the need of using third party websites or apps to see a list of those you have decided to block.

Another noteworthy change involves the “block” function. Twitter’s blog says that the accounts you have blocked won’t be able to view your profile. This is great because it means that people who have had to deal with a lot of harassment on Twitter will not have to give up having a public profile there. They won’t have to make their account private in order to avoid harassment.

More changes are coming – this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m glad that Twitter is doing something to curtail the abuse that some people choose to inflict upon others via Twitter. It looks like those who think its fun to create several accounts so they can perpetually harass someone whom they disagree with are going to have to find a new hobby!