Zynga Will Close Hidden Chronicles Game

Hidden Chronicles Zynga appZynga has announced that they will be closing down their Hidden Chronicles game. It has been around since January of 2012. The game will disappear from both Facebook and the Zynga website on July 22, 2014. As of May 28, 2012, Hidden Chronicles is no longer open to new players.

Current players are being offered “special packages” that will help them get started in one of Zynga’s other games. Specifically, Zynga is suggesting that players of Hidden Chronicles try FarmVille 2, Puzzle Charms, or CastleVille Legends.

The decision to close Hidden Chronicles does not surprise me. The game was a competitor to the Gardens of Time game from Playdom. Both games required players to find objects that were hidden in an image. Doing so enabled players to unlock special buildings or decorations that they could put into a virtual space of their own and move around as they liked. Each game had its own, somewhat limited, storyline.

In April of 2014, Playdom removed their Gardens of Time game from the Playdom website and from Facebook. At the same time, Playdom also removed all of their games that could be played through their website. Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles game outlasted its competitor, and it appears that Zynga doesn’t feel a need to keep it any longer. The company may feel that it served its purpose.

Part of the message that current players of Hidden Chronicles got from Zynga said: “We are making the tough decision to close Hidden Chronicles so we can put more time and energy into developing new games that we hope you will love just as much.”

The wording is extremely similar to part of the message that Playdom sent Gardens of Time players when it announced the closure of that game. They said: “Although it is a difficult decision to shut down a game, this decision will allow us to focus on building new, more engaging games.”

It is also worth pointing out that RockYou purchased, and will assume operation of, three of the games that Playdom closed: Gardens of Time and Words of Wonder, on Facebook and mobile, and City Girl on Facebook. There is no evidence at this time that suggests that RockYou has any intention of purchasing Hidden Chronicles from Zynga.