Springpad is Shutting Down

Springpad logoThose of you who are using Springpad are in for some disappointment. An announcement on the Springpad blog makes it clear that Springpad will be shutting down on June 25, 2014.

The blog notes that Springpad had more than 5 million users in the past six years. It was seen by some as a rival to Evernote. If you browse through articles posted about Springpad, it becomes clear that there were many people who loved it.

As of June 25, 2014, Springpad.com will no longer be available. All online and sync features of the mobile apps will stop working. Users personal data will no longer be stored on the Springpad servers.

Those of you who are currently using Springpad should pay attention to the Springpad blog. They are going to announce “in the coming days” details about the export tool that will be made available to all users and developers. My best guess is that those details will be released soon. Users and developers will only have until June 25, 2014 to use the export tool.

One thought on “Springpad is Shutting Down

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