TRENDnet Announces High Gain Wireless AC USB Adapter at CES

TEW-806ubhIt seems like we had all barely managed to completely move our home networks to the 802.11n standard when suddenly we began hearing about the next big WiFi thing. That is 802.11ac, and plenty of hardware makers are showing it off this week in Las Vegas.

TRENDnet is one of those companies, as it has unveiled a USB adapter for your laptop. The new AC600 High Gain Wireless USB Adapter has an adjustable antenna to zero in on the best possible connection speed. “The adapter’s high gain antenna significantly increases wireless coverage of a connected computer as compared to other Wireless AC adapters. The adjustable antenna rotates and tilts to further improve wireless connectivity. Additionally, the TEW-806UBH maintains much higher connection speeds when located far from the connected wireless router or access point”, the company announces.

TRENDnet promises speeds up to 433 Megabits per second (Mbps) when connecting with an 801.11ac router, or 150 Megabits per second (Mbps) when using that 802.11n that most of us have. The device, which goes under the model name TEW-806UBH will be up for sale in March, retailing for $39.99.