Stitcher Enhanced its Provider Portal

Stitcher logoStitcher has made enhancements to its Provider Portal. Details were explained in a recent email that Stitcher sent out to people who are currently providing content through Stitcher. At the time I am writing this, it appears that Stitcher has not yet added this information to their blog.

What’s new? The Stitcher Provider Portal will now offer content providers page links and player widgets for new and archived episodes. It also has embeddable Stitcher logos and icons. Stitcher also added Twitter functionality.

All listing from shared show pages and player widgets will count toward an individual content provider’s Stitcher Rank List. In short, Stitcher has given people a few more ways to bring listeners to the content that they have on Stitcher. It also will “reward” that effort by counting the visits through those sources as part of your Rank.

Another new addition is the “Stitcher Stat Facts”. Every month, Stitcher is going to provide figures and statics about Stitcher user behavior and demographics, listening patterns, and insights. People who provide content through Stitcher can use the Provider Portal, click on the “Stitcher Stat Facts”, and learn more about the audience they are reaching through Stitcher.

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