Facebook Adds Hashtags

HashtagFacebook has launched a new feature that will help users to quickly get a larger view of what is happening in the world or of what topics people are currently talking about. The social media giant has decided to make use of the hashtag. According to Reuters Facebook has rolled out the ability to use hashtags to about 20% of its users today. There will be a more global launch of the new feature in the next few weeks.

Of course, to most of us, the use of the hashtag is not actually new. We have been using them on Twitter for years. Facebook has decided to now make use of the hashtag in the hopes of attracting younger users and keeping them interested in continuing to use Facebook. A recent study from Pew Research Center shows that teens have “waning enthusiasm” for Facebook.

Soon, people can post something on Facebook and include #Apple or #Android or #E3 or a hashtag of whatever else they are talking about. Other users will be able to click on those hashtags and see what other people (who also typed #Apple) are saying about it. You know… like we’ve been doing on Twitter for years.

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