Spider Audio unveils new products

spider logoSpider Audio may not be a household name, but you should certainly know them if you are in the market for audio gear. Headphones, speakers and a lot more.

In the video below you will see such innovations such as a tiny device you can carry with you and use to get audio in full Dolby. The device has input and output for both audio and video. This means you can use it with a tablet or smartphone and watch movies or listen to music with full Dolby quality.Bettery life in claimed to be ten hours.

The company also showed off bluetooth speakers and studio quality headphones headphones.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine Daniel J Lewis of  Audacity to Podcast

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One thought on “Spider Audio unveils new products

  1. How do you capture audio in Dolby? I always see “Dolby Audio” everywhere, but I think it’s just marketing thing. It doesn’t need to be an audio format or anything.

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